Monday, March 18, 2013


Welcome! On today’s post, I want us to look at how to Sustain A Win and keep winning.  Most of us have been blessed with success at different points, and while some of us have been able to sustain the win and continue to use them to spin off more success, some of us have lost the momentum that success brought with it and are back on the grind trying to make another success happen?
Question then is; how does one sustain a win, while continuing to win?  Here are a few points you may find useful:

  1.  REMEMBER WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM – These days where everyone is an expert at something even though most are just arm chair pundits; always knowing what is wrong never knowing how to fix it.  It is extremely important that we don’t forget where it is that we have come. Remember when your dream was just an idea; never forget when nobody could see what you saw.  Do you remember the days when you had to answer the phone by yourself, manufacture the product alone, market it and keep your books all by yourself?  Do you remember why you always went back even when others thought you should give up?  Well, all these came together to give the win you celebrate today.  To sustain it therefore, it will be great if you always remembered that there was a day when you were small with no win in sight.
  2. DON’T FORGET THOSE WHO BET ON YOU  – Every business or dream when properly executed becomes big and successful.  However, most times, they also evolve and find it cumbersome to do business with some types of clients and customers.  Unfortunately, these were the clients who even though weren’t quite sure how far the business will go put themselves out for you anyway.  Growing and succeeding to the point when they become ‘those people’ you don’t what to deal with anymore, is extremely risky.  Because success attracts, the tendency is much bigger and established clients will come knocking… to be able to keep sustaining the wins however, we must give priority to those who went out on the limb for us when no one else would.
  3. KEEP LEARNING TO KEEP IMPROVING – Yes you are now a win and for some a point of reference, but it is wise to recognise that you still have a lot to learn.  One success or ten do not negate the fact that life is a forever learning school.  So despite the wins you have today, ask yourself; ‘what else do I need to learn and from whom’?  This is the only way to keep growing.  Remember it is said that the day one stops growing, that day he begins to die.
  4. BE CONTENT YET NOT SATISFIED – The very religious usually will quote that ‘godliness with contentment is great gain’.  They use this scripture as the excuse not to want to grow beyond where they are; instead they keep revelling in out dated and expired wins.  There is always new territory to conquer so if you want to sustain the win you have today and keep the winning streak, one thing you must do is to recognise that even though you are content with that which you have, it is okay to aim for more and want to be more.  One win is not enough to rest on our oars especially where there is room and opportunity for other wins and successes.
  5. KEEP UP WITH THE TRENDS BUT AVOID COMPLICATIONS – Change we are told is the only constant thing and even with our dreams and businesses, change is a constant.  The processes we started out with are bound to change over time… which means that what gave you this win may have not be able to give you the next one.  Change that does not compromise the quality of your product or service is something you should want to embrace if you want to be able to sustain your win and keep winning.
  6. NEVER FORGET WHY YOU STARTED – I didn’t start my business because I wanted to make money, I started because I wanted to make impact.  It was while making impact that I realised that one cannot make impact and not profit therein.  So when things become challenging as they can be sometimes I am quick to remember that the reason why I embarked on the journey wasn’t money alone.  It is the same for you… to be able to sustain your win, never forget why you started.  Even if circumstances pushed you to start there must have been something you hoped to see in the end.  So as challenges come if you don’t forget why you started you should be able to keep standing.
  7. NEVER, NEVER ARRIVE – I know a business that used to be the pride of all – those who ran it, those who worked there and those of us who were just customers.  We wore our badge with pride, we were too glad that we did business with this entity… professional bodies even attested to the fact that they were winning.  But then they arrived!  And when they arrived, they became sloppy, they became rude and they became ineffective… and slowly but surely we are no longer proud to wear the badge, we are quietly looking for others who we will be proud of.  In walking/working your dream, arriving is a bad thing… because arriving makes you do things you said you wouldn’t do when you started.  So my take? Never arrive if you will sustain your win and keep winning.
Till next week, I hope this is enough food for thought.

Here is to your success!



  1. Very thought provoking my sis, especially point 6. No matter how challenging things may get, I always come back to the fact that this is my life's work and I am compelled to do it.

    Thanks hon. Stay blessed

  2. Thanks my sista. Yes once you recognise that the dream is your lifework, then you have to keep sustaining and maintaining. Thanks for stopping by. Love you loads.