Monday, January 31, 2011

See The Picture

Now that you know what your value is and you are beginning to understand the possibilities that are contained in this year, can you see it?  There is a power that is present in the ability to see in clear pictures what your life is meant to be this year.

In Genesis, Abraham came before God and wanted to know if he was ever going to see the achievement of his dream to become a father.  The answer God said was in his ability to see. If he is able to see, then he will be able to apprehend.  In Jeremiah, God asked Jeremiah what he saw and by the time he described to God what he saw, God said, ‘You have seen well.’

What this means for me is that it is possible to see and yet see wrong.  Most people look at the goal and the only thing they are able to see, is how hard it will be to achieve it.  Yes, what they see is correct, because processes can be terrifying and stressful, but to what end?

Others see with a limited view, God said to the Prophet Isaiah, to tell King Hezekiah to strike the ground the number of times he wanted victory and Hezekiah struck only three times; he couldn’t see beyond God fighting for him only three times, and that was all he got.

Before I got here, I always saw the things that were not going to happen. I never could see what will happen; I was dreaming backwards!  And a lot of people still dream backwards.

The truth is that whatever it is that you are afraid will not happen is a possibility but because you carry a power within you, the picture you see is the picture you will have.

My Coach, Coach Anna McCoy challenges us, to Dream Out Loud and for me this is seeing, in pictures, the end result of my application to the goal.  A couple of years ago, I wanted a new car, but I wanted it black, inside and out.  I wanted an American specification, so I could get maximum options.  When I told a friend that was my dream car, he did import one into the country and since it was the same model that I had said I wanted, he thought he could sell it to us at a cheaper price.

But there was something wrong, the car was the wrong color, it was a European specification and so had limited options.  Even though it was on offer for less than what all the others were going for, I knew it wasn’t my car because I had seen my car in my mind’s eye and this wasn’t it.

It didn’t mean that the car my friend had imported was not good quality, it just wasn’t my car.  When you are able to see the picture of your future and you are able to visualize it, recognizing it when it shows up will be easy.

You don’t want to go through this year, end up at a goal and not feel the euphoria of achieving your dream, because it isn’t what you were looking for.

Our power thought today therefore, is that we need not to just say what it is we want, we must be able to see it, paint a mental picture and let it guide us to the dream.

Love you lots,

Sista B

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Monday, January 24, 2011


Last post I talked about the extra principle, as regards your purpose.  I talked about finding your purpose from the things which you already know and come easily to you.

Let’s move on from there to explore, what constitutes EXTRA.  If you remember, I said we should move away from doing ordinary things, to finding a niche for the things we are already doing and excelling at.

Extra is VALUE.  Now value for me is anything I possess that puts me ahead of the pack.  For the purposes of today’s post, Value will be what I bring to the table that others do not have.

Take another look at yourself and ask, ‘what do I bring to this business relationship that others don’t have?’ Every relationship is about creating value, what will make your dream fly is the value it creates.

Value begins with an idea, and an idea is borne out of a problem or need.  Value is an ability to resolve issues that others face, and men are always looking for value adding individuals to relate with and with whom to partner to birth their own dreams.

After identifying the value you will bring to the table, it will help if you put together a workable plan to bring this value to bear on your relationships and business.  There is also, a need to identify who can best help you bring this value to the fore.  What this means is that not everyone you come in contact with or not everyone in your life is required to push your dreams.

There are specific people that have been ordained to help you birth your value adding potential. An ability to recognize them and find out what they have to contribute will help eliminate time wasters and dream killers.  Define your relationships with these individuals when you come across them.

A lot is usually lost because we fail to define our relationships and stick to the processes by which we will get there.

Our power thought on this post is to be able to discern those who are called to travel the road we are traveling with us, so we can isolate those who are not.  It will push your dream and vision a great deal if you understand that the people in your life ought to add value to your dream.

I know sticking with the plan and thinking up a value adding idea can be hard work.  But remember that it is not of him who wills nor of him who runs, it is the Lord that shows mercy.

If you spend time enough in the presence of God, your idea will fly, because it will be borne out of what he speaks to you. 

In spite of what it is that may not be working right now, remember that there is a Value inside of you waiting to be released and if you will identify it and work the plan, your Value will come out nevertheless.

Sista B

Monday, January 17, 2011


It is a brand new week and I had a great time in church yesterday, what was it like for you?

There is a quality of life that is available to us and it is called the Endless Life.  This is the life of extra abundance. Jesus, in John 10:10, says ‘the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy: I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.’ This is God’s will for our lives especially in 2011.

As we rejoice over the Word that God has great plans for us, we should keep in mind the same Word that tells us that ‘faith without works is dead.’

To loosely translate, this means that no matter what it is that has been spoken, we need to work out the plan to bring about a manifestation of God’s thoughts concerning us.

This brings me back to where we stopped last week.  I asked the simple question WHY? I encouraged us to try and answer the Why question before we set out on any course or project this year.  I have had a few comebacks to that post, and the thread that runs through them, is the question ‘So how do I know what my God-given purpose is?’
So I will try now, to address how to discover what our purpose is.

 In my opinion, God’s purpose for the whole of mankind is one, and it is to give him pleasure. 

  1. We all have been created and equipped with our different talents and abilities, and called into the different places where we function to give pleasure to God.  The first litmus test is this, if whatever it is that you do does not make God smile, then it is not God’s purpose for you!

  1. If we begin from the premise above, you will discover that no matter how little and small what you do is it is a part of God’s big picture to build a great humanity where people care for each other and give God pleasure with the things they do.  What this therefore means is that whatever it is you do; as long as it gives God pleasure, then you are closer to purpose than you think.

  1. What talents or natural abilities do you possess? These can be indicators of what God has called you to do.  What excites you and gives you joy even when you are not been paid for doing it? What can others honestly see in you? What comes easy for you to do?  These are some of the questions that you must answer to bring you to discovering that special purpose for .which you are on earth.

  1. Lastly, for today, I will like to encourage us all to find a niche for the things we already can do and are excelling in. What this means is for us to stop doing ordinary things, look for the extra that you can add to your ordinary to make it special.  Popped Corn was just that until some one thought to add sugar to it.  Now people have taken it further and have started to add butter, and all kinds of flavours, and this makes their own brand stand out from all the others.  Take a good look at what you are doing right now, and ask yourself ‘what more can I add?’

An ability to take simple and ordinary things and give them the extra touch, according to our innate abilities, makes our talents extraordinary.  When we go further and now use these gifts, products and services to serve humanity and make life better for others, then we can begin to say that we are living purposefully. 

In a nut shell, the value your life work will add to those around you is what your purpose is all about.  Remember, that which you already possess is that which will be used.  Maybe you just need to add a touch of extra.

God bless you.

Sistar B

Monday, January 10, 2011



Happy New Year!

 I pray that this New Year will bring you all the greatness that you aspire and work for in Jesus’ name.  I have been MIA for a while on this page, I know, and I am very sorry.  But I had to do something right.

I had to take time out to be with my family and I had to create memories for us.  So even though I went off with the laptop, they did see to it that I didn’t get close enough to it, to be able to do my thing on this page!

But I am back now, and ready to go.

Are you ready?

Now, because it is a brand new year I know a lot of us want to do better than we did last year. We are hoping and planning to make a few changes that will give us a better year ahead.

But I have something on my mind, and it is a question that has refused to leave me no matter how hard I try.  A Simple three letter word. WHY.

Why do you want your life to change?
Why is a change of job important?
Why do you want to get married?
Why do you want to move house?
Why do you want to lose weight?
Why? Why? Why?

When I have the opportunity to speak to people at my coaching and teaching sessions, I find that so many people want to change jobs for more money; people want to marry because others have gotten married or they are old enough to do so. Others want to move house to change neighbourhoods, so that they can keep up with the Joneses. 

Great reasons, but is this really why you make all the plans you make?  To make more money, do what others are doing…?

The reason answering the WHY question will make or break us this year, is because life is moving from a place of individual relevance to a place of eternal relevance.

 Answering the WHY question brings you to the place of finding out what you are on earth for, and knowing this can set you on a course that will alter your entire existence positively!

Before you take that job, buy the wedding dress and pay for that house, please pause and ask yourself WHY?

Till next time when I come your way remember that your purpose will determine if you have lived or existed, and WHY will help you find out what your purpose is.

It doesn’t matter how far away you have strayed; remember that you can still make it, NEVERTHELESS.


Sista B