Monday, April 23, 2012

Charles Colson: Course Redirection

                     "What we do flows from who we are". Charles Colson


Another week, another opportunity to live the dream life.  Welcome to NeverTheLess your get better page. 

I awoke yesterday to the news of the death of Mr. Charles Colson, the Presidential Aide to President Richard Nixon when the Watergate scandal broke.

The truth is we cannot talk about Charles 'Chuck' Colson without mentioning the Watergate Scandal and the fact that he actually went to Prison because of Watergate. So for the first forty one (41) years of his life all that he ended up with was a prison sentence.  This had to be one of the lowest points of his life. If anything happened that was lower, I am not aware.

Before he was indicted and sent off to Prison however, Colson had met someone who just got converted to Christianity and was very excited to share both his new life and new learning with Mr. Colson. So at over 41 years of age, Charles Colson came face to face with the reality of the depraved life he had lived till that point.  So he also converted to Christianity and from that point his life took on new meaning and he started to see how he could redirect the course of his life and leave a worthy legacy in the end.

While this is not a post on the case for Christianity, it is a call for us all to reexamine our lives and see if how we have lived or are living will leave the right legacy.

How does Mr. Colson's story affect your pursuit of a dream? First, someone pointed to him what was wrong with his life, and he listened.  He saw for the first time that his life was full of pride and unfortunately, headed nowhere.

Upon this discovery he repented and converted to the Christian faith, he became what today is called an evangelical and began to study everything he could find on the faith, especially the Bible.  By the time he was granted probation after months in prison, Mr. Colson had come to the realization that life wasn't worth much if it was lived selfishly. He had found Purpose!

He started a ministry to care for prisoners and ex prison inmates, something he continued to do for many years.  Colson died yesterday at 80 years of age and we can learn the following from him:

1. We can redirect our course irrespective of how long we have either worked the wrong dream or failed because of character defects.

2.  There is always someone who can point to us both our folly and what we should do about it (remember our posts on mentoring).

3.  If we listen to our Mentor and submit ourselves we most likely will be able to find a way to live our lives again, with dignity.  We should be open to learning new things.

4.  We must be able to find a way to ensure that our Purpose serves others, not just ourselves; remember that is the point of living a dream.

In conclusion, Mr. Colson lived 80 years in all, the first 41 lived in duplicity and a lack of moral compass which culminated at Watergate.  He lived another 39 years, where he redirected the course of his life and made so much impact that we are talking about him today.

It therefore does not matter how low your life or dreams may have sunk, maybe all you require is a simple course redirection; you will make it NeverTheLess.  If Charles Colson made it, you can too!  Remember that a dream is only one if it is acted upon.  Till next week, God bless you.


Sistar B

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