Monday, February 27, 2012


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Hello World, welcome to your get better page.  How are things going in dreamland?  Have you moved your stuff out of Familiar land yet?  If yes how is that going?  If no, what is keeping you?

I assume you were on this page last week, and that you noticed that I am keeping my word. I did leave Familiar land; I posted an audio version of the blog, well, I am committed to the process, so you will find the link for today's audio here too.  Please do post your feedback, it will be appreciated, help me get better!

Now to today's post, after I posted "Leaving Familiar land” someone sent me a mail stating that he recognises that he ought to leave familiar land but is not quite sure what route will take him to dream land; that is what has informed this post.

The Law of Exposure basically says that what we expose ourselves to can significantly shape how we think, feel and act.  Exposure is the key to becoming exceptional, and living a dream is a journey into the exceptional life.

Living a dream moves you from the ordinary life. Now, to be candid, an ordinary life is easy, has no opposition and is smooth sailing most of the way. However, nobody remembers ordinary people, or talk about them.  When you step up and out to pursue your dream, you have bought a ticket out of the ordinary life, into the exceptional one. 
However, this trip also isolates you, which is why you need to begin to consider taking on the principle proffered in the Law of Exposure.  Applying the Law of Exposure means proactively taking deliberate action daily. It is a step by step intentional decision making exercise.  You need to begin to deliberately choose what you will expose your mind to, If what you expose yourself to is not a reflection of what you want to be right now, then there is a need to begin to reconsider what you are feeding your mind and begin to change it to suit your destination.

When I met my Coach, Anna McCoy, one of the first things she said to me was "do not limit others by your limitations." This for me was great exposure, because it started me thinking about how to get my dream to bless others beyond my immediate reach, and purview.  To be able to do this, I had to think about what options I had to be able to reach them, and when I couldn't find a way by myself, I realised that I needed to expose myself to people who have gone ahead in the journey and who can show me how to arrive at my destination quicker than I could find the way on my own.

The point of today's post is to point out that:

1. Living a dream positions you in the 20% of exceptional people

2.  Being in the 20% isolates you because you are no longer ordinary.

3.  As someone living an exceptional life, you need to intentionally choose what you will expose your mind to.

4.  Choose people who have gone ahead in the journey to destiny land, and ask them to expose you to the options that are available to you.

5.  Honestly, if you will go far in pursuit of your dream, you need a Coach who will ask you the right questions in order to pull you up into destiny.

The dynamics of the law of exposure is simple, if you ask me. It just means that you begin to pick your associations carefully, and you need to begin to recognise that some of the knowledge you require, others already have acquired, so your job is to find them and let them expose your mind to the options that you may have.

My journey is not at its peak yet, but at least I lived my dream another day by posting this... I am committed to keep getting better and I am smart enough not to want to reinvent an effective wheel when I see one.  Instead I tap into the wisdom that is already available.

You should try it too, and I am convinced you will make it NeverTheLess.  Welcome to an exceptional life.  Feel free to send an email to and I will be glad to expose you to what I have been exposed to.

Together, we will make it; NeverTheLess.


Sistar B


  1. i can see yu ve moved out of familair land to a dream land, nice hearing ur voice. God grace will follow and lead yu

  2. Amen! Thanks @mosesgee2001. Thanks for following and your comments are most appreciated. Blessings my brother.