Thursday, October 28, 2010


In the process of life and in the process of becoming who God has called you to be, pain will come.  Earlier in my walk as a Christian, I wanted everything God had to offer, as long as he didn’t allow me go through any kind of pain. 

Later, I found out that I was like a woman who wanted to have children, and I mean biological children of her own, but didn’t want to go through the rigors of pregnancy or childbirth.  It is like asking God to drop a baby from heaven for me!

I heard a wise woman say that we ought not to pray for self control, because we already have self control, we just have to work out self control.  Now to be able to work out self control, I really have to go through trials, don’t you think?  Because do I weigh and claim that I have self control until I have faced some kind of trial that requires for me to exercise control?

When a man decides that he will tone up his muscles and develop a six pack, he doesn’t get it by buying himself ‘Sports Illustrated’ and checking out the abs of the athletes that are featured, nor does he develop a six pack by enrolling in a gym to sit and watch other people train and surrender themselves to the rigors of exercises.

We all want to have a great future, we all believe that behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining, but a great question we all must attempt to answer is just what are we supposed to do while still within the dark cloud?

 Here are a number of suggestions that can help.

  1. Keep your focus on the promise of a silver lining even though you can’t see it yet.
  2. Stop trying to explain your situation to others, they are not likely to understand, so why waste your breath?  In any case, you do not owe them an explanation, because he who has called you and delivered you up to be tried will come and save you.
  3. Stop complaining about your situation!  Why beat yourself up over something you lack the capacity to change?  Complaining will only push you further away, so keep the faith and keep quiet.
  4. Keep a positive attitude, because the testimony that counts is the testimony that you can give during the test.  If you can still say Jesus is Lord in the pain, then a great weight of glory is being formed in you.
  5. Character is definitely forming, because your experience here will help in determining how you will go through the next test.
  6. Finally, know for sure that your enlargement is at the corner.  Psalm 4:1, says God enlarges us in the place of distress.

Folks, as God’s children pain is part of the package and pain works out in us a refining that nothing else can.  The next time you hit a pain spot, remember that your muscles are being formed and in not too long a time, your six-pack will be something others will admire and glorify God for. 

Remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

 God Bless you real good.

Sista B


  1. Thanks Sista B,

    This is soo true. Its not that we dont wont to grow but the pain just doesnt seem like a good training bargain/ barter. We can call this growing pains and as you stated pain is a sign of growth too.

    I am praying for not just a physical six pack but a spiritual one too, because at the end of the day that is what really matters.

    Bless you


  2. Bounty thank you for your comment. Pain is also an indicator of life you know. And here is a definite Amen to the spiritual six pack, we all need them.

  3. This is REALLY good! Thank you for it!

  4. @ Cathy thanks for following, God bless you.