Thursday, November 4, 2010


On Sunday I got into my car to drive to church and noticed that my entire dashboard was lit like a Christmas tree, all kinds of signs were blinking at me.  I drove the car the previous day and nothing was wrong with it, so I wondered what it is that could have gone wrong.

Then I went into the DIY mode, I mean I became an auto engineer immediately, fished out my car manual, (thank God for cars that come with their manuals) and went straight to the trouble shooting page.  The manual did explain the implication of my dashboard being lit up like that, but they couldn’t tell me why it lit up so suddenly.

Finally, we had to call an auto engineer and tens of thousands of naira later, we found out that rats had been feasting under the hood of my car for a while and they had chewed up all kinds of wires and these set off a chain of events that ended in sensors becoming damaged and … well you know the rest of the story.

What was my reaction?  First, I went back home to see if there was anything in my driveway that could be the attraction for rats and I can’t say I found any, really!!  Then I wondered if maybe this was some spiritual attack and I didn’t find an answer to that, because honestly that was ridiculous even for my mind.

So… we fixed the car, thanked God for the resources to do so and learnt a new lesson of ensuring that we look under the hood everyday going forward from now.

But this morning I signed in to take a look at the NEVERTHELESS page and my cyber friend Mary had posted something on (Check it out yourself) and 1 realized that rats chewing out my cables was nothing compared to what some people have had to face this week. 

Imagine going to church and becoming a terrorist target to the point that 58 of your fellow worshipers are killed and 70 injured!

I know we should pray for them, but it also makes me think hard of what I have done with the liberty that I have received from God.  No one stops me from worshiping; no one tells me I can’t pray in school or the market or even in my office.  No one is offended because I mentioned Jesus in traffic, (at least they can’t ask me why) but all I do is complain of how my soap ran out, how my water isn’t clean enough, how I don’t have three wardrobes of clothes…

So my question is Child of God, what’s with the attitude? Can we begin to thank God for the blessings we have today? It cannot compare with leaving for church and being carried out dead!

Let’s work on our attitude okay! I need an AA, (Attitude Adjustment) and I think you may need one.

What ever you face today remember, it could have been worse, that all is not lost is because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel; NEVERTHELESS.

Love you.

Sistar B


  1. I was just telling someone that these days I live one day at a time. My attitude these days therefore is this: This is today,enjoy its blessings and leave a mark. Just for today.

  2. What else is there to do really? Which one of us is able to add one cubic to his height? One day at a time it is I tell you.

  3. Dear SistarB...Wow, who could have ever figured that rats would eat at the wiring! I'm glad you had a looked at because maybe that also kept you from having a fire in the electrical system. I have thought before that sometimes what we suffer is to actually keep us from suffering from something worse~
    My son and DIL's house burned up in Sept. He was home alone asleep (she is stationed at another Army post right now) and the alarm went off and thank the LORD he awoke, because sometimes he is almost too tired to wake up. But the entire back of the house was on fire, and smoke had filled the house. Almost $200.000 worth of damage! YET, MY SON IS ALIVE! He got out. Things are not our priority, but LIFE is!
    Wow, You have encouraged me so much SistarB by saying that what I'd written also encouraged you! Praise the LORD for how we can touch each other. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. For several months I had put that blog into dormatory state because I wasn't sure it was important. But then the LORD showed me that these blogs are like "Casting our Bread/His Word out onto the waters of life/the world/cyber space and it is the Work of the HOLY Spirit to not let His Word return void!

    LET US NOT FORGET TO PRAY AND UPHOLD those suffering for the Name of Christ!
    So glad to meet you my dear Sister in Christ!

  4. Dearest Cathy,

    Thank you very much! And yes, thank God your son is alive, because God can and will restore all that was destroyed. He will also watch over your family at the Army post.

    Your blog was an eye opener so please keep it active. Our contributions may be little drops of water but at least we do our bit. I am also grateful it didnt spark off a fire in the car because the rats chewed up the fuel pump too!

    It is most definitely a blessing to connect with you and I wish you the very best.

    Love always

    Bidemi (Thats my name)

  5. Great encouragement and reminders! God Bless you!

  6. Awesome word; I am always praying for God to give me a better attitude.

  7. @Toyin,

    Thanks for stopping by, and yes we always need to pray for the right attitude as it is so easy to miss God's perspective. Stopped by at HE LIVES and you got some great rhema going there. Thanks for connecting and God bless you.


  8. Amen SistarB! I need an attitude adjustment everyday! God has overly abundantly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and I will be eternally thankful to Him forever and ever amen! :-)


  9. thanks sista B...artitude is all that matters...i believe the lord allows these little skirmishes we face,to build and instill in us a better artitude...afterall even our lord learnt patience by the things he suffered...and i agree with you ,no matter what we face,it could have been worse...we bless God!!!!!!!!!