Monday, December 19, 2011

Naked And Not Ashamed!

Good morning, compliments of the season, and welcome to our Pre-Christmas post.  Today I am excited! Not that I won a lottery though, but excited nevertheless.

My Christmas tree isn’t up yet, but I am so excited that somehow, even though I am not good at decorations at all, I am going to do my best to put it up today, and if I am not able to do a good job of it, I will solicit help to get it done.

So why am I so excited then?  Hmm, maybe because I could sense the excitement in my team as I walked into the office this morning. They are excited that we are closing for the year today! I feel them, because even I don’t want to work another day in 2011.  But more than the fact that we are closing shop at the office is that, looking back, we can say we have had a great year, and mean it!

God has been extremely good to us, and if we don’t acknowledge the fact that He has been, it will be ingratitude of the highest order. But my excitement also goes beyond the fact that we have had a good year.  So what is the cause of such great excitement?  Hmm, you still have to wait a bit.

Last weekend, I was at a retreat with my awesome sisters and by the end of that retreat, I felt brand new.  Some how, the fact that God loves me so much, as demonstrated by our time with Him at the weekend, just makes me want to climb on the roof top and announce that God loves me, and I know.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to teach in Church something that God spoke to my heart a few days ago, and as I taught it, it dawned on me that I will not need to struggle next year.  I will not need to struggle, not because I have perfected the art of growth, both personally or in business, but because God loves me just the way I am, and He would rather I come to Him cracked and broken just the way I am, so He can do all that I cannot do.

My text from scripture was taken from Genesis 2:25, “Now the man and his wife were naked, but they felt no shame.” I saw through this scripture for the first time that I didn’t need to have a strategy for everything. I saw that I didn’t need to have the ‘i’s dotted and‘t’s crossed.  With God I can trust that every time I come in faith, trusting in His ability to be able to scale through, I do not only make it; I excel. This is the cause of the excitement that I feel.

I am excited just looking at this information against the backdrop of what God helped us achieve this year. We may have tried but it wasn’t because of that we had a good year; it was because God Himself stuck to His own plan and executed it on our behalf.

I am sure you are wondering how this helps you in living your dream; shouldn’t I be giving tips on how to begin in the New Year?  Yes, I could be doing that, but I can assure you it won’t yield much, except you know the source of your dream and hear His instructions for you to excel.

I guess I am excited because I have deliberately considered this year and I have come to one conclusion, that if it was not for God behind us, we will not be standing today.  This is why I am confident that if I stick with Him and listen to His instructions for me, next year will definitely be greater than this year.

Your year may not have gone the way you wanted, but know that God doesn’t make mistakes. As long as you are connected to God He has your life all planned out.  He wants us to be able to come to Him, naked and unashamed. With God our dignity is non existent, and it is okay to be broken.  He wants to have a reason to invade our lives on a daily basis.  Take out the facade, and next year will be great, if you will rely on His plan.

Till next post, remember that because you are connected to the best and only God ever, you will make it, NeverTheLess.

Merry Christmas

Sistar B

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