Monday, March 5, 2012

Deploy The Pain: Live Your Dream Life Now! (with audio)

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In the last two weeks there have been instances of a lot of people who got to their offices one morning only to find that they had been relieved of their jobs without warning. It literally seemed like the rug was pulled out from under their feet.  A good number of them have started to update their CVs and circulate same, hoping to get another job soon.

I have also spoken to a number of people who though still have a job know within themselves that somehow there isn't job security anymore and they recognise that their best bet will be to begin something of their own.  Something they can run and not be fired from, in which they can find fulfillment and hopefully employ others and treat them better than they were treated on their job!

After each conversation, we always agree that they need to start from somewhere, but just never decide where!  As a Coach my job isn't to provide the answers but to ask the questions that help my clients see the options that they have.

That is why for those who were let go from  their jobs, I will say, yes, you were treated badly and let go without warning so you are hurt and upset but my question is "what will you do with the pain and hurt you are feeling right now?”

To those who still have a job but are clearly disappointed and unfulfilled by the way they are treated and even with the rewards they are getting, the question is "how will you deploy your dissatisfaction to bring about the change you want?

One of my most popular posts on NeverTheLess is one titled Pain is Good, and basically, I was trying to point out that if we look real hard, there is always some good that comes out of the pain we experience.  

Change does not come because we are dissatisfied, change does not come to us because we desire it; change comes when we begin to harness our pains, hurts or dissatisfaction by taking concrete steps towards the fulfillment of a dream life.

During one of my conversations, someone mentioned that the truth is that we always know that we should be doing something that qualifies as our dream; we don't however, because we always think we have time.

If you have lost a job, it is your opportunity to begin to define your dreams and take steps towards actualising them. If you still have a job but know you want more, then it is time to begin to work towards your dream life.  Whatever you do take the pain and deploy it wisely.  Here are a few practical steps you can take:

1.  Write down the Vision
2.  Find out everything possible you can about the Vision.
3.  Test your skill level
4.  Make a list of what you require and 
5.  Begin to put the requirements together
6.  Find a Partner if you realise you need one.
7.  Begin, no matter how small.

Finally, please go into the archives of NeverTheLess, and read the post on Defining Your Dreams: Asking the right questions.  Should you have questions, feel free to write in.

Whether you lost a job or are dissatisfied with what you have, here is your opportunity for your dream life to begin.  You will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B

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