Friday, December 10, 2010


A longing that will just not go away


The last time I posted, I encouraged us all to ensure we have a Vision for what our 2011 will be like. I mentioned knowing what purpose our vision will serve, amongst other things.

Today I want us to look at Desire together. What is Desire? 

Without using the dictionary I will want to say that Desire is a deep longing for something that will just not go away.  What this means is that Desire is that thing you carry on your inside that will not stop keeping you awake no matter your circumstance.

It has become important to talk about Desire in our quest for a better year in 2011 because I have had the opportunity to speak and coach people who have no clue what the Vision for their lives is.

If you take time out to think, you will most likely find out that there has been a particular desire in your heart over time that has remained with you.  Once this desire has been identified, whether it is an urge to build homes for people or to take care of the aged, or even just to have your family live and relate in a particular way, it can be a pointer to what you are called to do.

The next thing for me will be to ask myself what values or beliefs I have that will form the basis for this desire. Maybe the urge in your spirit is to feed the aged, then maybe your belief that supports it, is the injunction in the Bible to feed the hungry! Whatever it is, if you are able to find a value or belief system to hold that supports it, you are a step closer to charting your Vision.

The next thing I will want to find out about my desire will be what strengths do I have to pursue this desire? If the urge in your spirit is to take care of sick people, are you compassionate? Does it matter to you if you have to clean up other people's mess? If your urge is to help people make money, do you know how to make money for yourself? I believe that for your desire to evolve into a Vision you must be able to ask yourself if you have what it takes to work it out.

For the purpose of this post, my final query will be what benefits will my urge yield should it transform into a Vision? Besides me, who else will it benefit? Can I easily access these would be beneficiaries? You should be able to answer this particular question properly because a Vision is only as good as its benefits.

Finally, what will make this urge go away? If there is a tendency that a change in circumstances can make this urge or desire go away then maybe it shouldn't be your Life Work in 2011.

Friends "whatsoever you desire, if you will ask in my name, you shall receive what you want.” Your desires are put there for a reason, first because they are attainable, second, because they are beneficial and lastly, because they can be the key to a life that counts.

Take time out and think about your Desires today... Remember, that life may be hard but if you will stand upon your watch and not give up, you can be the light the world needs. You are a gift to your generation... Nevertheless.

Love you much

Sista B  



  1. I believe that when it comes to whatever you desire and if it aligns with God’s word, then I you may even be hearing God’s voice or His irresistible calling. It is such as what you are doing. You are doing a great job for the Lord.

    May He grant you according to your heart's desire, And fulfill all your purpose. (Psalms 20:4)


  2. Thanks Paul, and Amen to your prayer. I totally agree that desires that align with God's word are put there in the first place by God himself. Desires are put in our hearts because God wants the opportunity to bless us and make us blessings.

  3. This is a wonderful post, really made me sit down and take an introspective look at my life. Thank You :}