Monday, January 31, 2011

See The Picture

Now that you know what your value is and you are beginning to understand the possibilities that are contained in this year, can you see it?  There is a power that is present in the ability to see in clear pictures what your life is meant to be this year.

In Genesis, Abraham came before God and wanted to know if he was ever going to see the achievement of his dream to become a father.  The answer God said was in his ability to see. If he is able to see, then he will be able to apprehend.  In Jeremiah, God asked Jeremiah what he saw and by the time he described to God what he saw, God said, ‘You have seen well.’

What this means for me is that it is possible to see and yet see wrong.  Most people look at the goal and the only thing they are able to see, is how hard it will be to achieve it.  Yes, what they see is correct, because processes can be terrifying and stressful, but to what end?

Others see with a limited view, God said to the Prophet Isaiah, to tell King Hezekiah to strike the ground the number of times he wanted victory and Hezekiah struck only three times; he couldn’t see beyond God fighting for him only three times, and that was all he got.

Before I got here, I always saw the things that were not going to happen. I never could see what will happen; I was dreaming backwards!  And a lot of people still dream backwards.

The truth is that whatever it is that you are afraid will not happen is a possibility but because you carry a power within you, the picture you see is the picture you will have.

My Coach, Coach Anna McCoy challenges us, to Dream Out Loud and for me this is seeing, in pictures, the end result of my application to the goal.  A couple of years ago, I wanted a new car, but I wanted it black, inside and out.  I wanted an American specification, so I could get maximum options.  When I told a friend that was my dream car, he did import one into the country and since it was the same model that I had said I wanted, he thought he could sell it to us at a cheaper price.

But there was something wrong, the car was the wrong color, it was a European specification and so had limited options.  Even though it was on offer for less than what all the others were going for, I knew it wasn’t my car because I had seen my car in my mind’s eye and this wasn’t it.

It didn’t mean that the car my friend had imported was not good quality, it just wasn’t my car.  When you are able to see the picture of your future and you are able to visualize it, recognizing it when it shows up will be easy.

You don’t want to go through this year, end up at a goal and not feel the euphoria of achieving your dream, because it isn’t what you were looking for.

Our power thought today therefore, is that we need not to just say what it is we want, we must be able to see it, paint a mental picture and let it guide us to the dream.

Love you lots,

Sista B

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  1. Sometimes I tire of trying to nudge folks in the general direction of just plain being nice. (Um, yuh, the older woman downstairs and I had an 'incident' with the younger woman who lives in the attic and thinks the world should revolve around her...).

    I'm thinking God is testing me for someodd reason.... I needed this post today, thank you. :}

  2. You are welcome Entre Nous, I can tell you one reason why God allows us to go through testing or adversity... it is to help us develop our character and be more like Jesus. Hang in there, you will be victorious, God bless you.