Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Build your TEAM, Share the VISION

To achieve all that is possible,
We must attempt the impossible.
To be all we can be,
We must dream of being more.
To reach our dreams,
We must reach out to others.
John C. Maxwell

One of the most difficult things I have had to deal with in living my dream was to pick teams and stick with them. This is because I am pretty much a lone ranger and love to work alone.  I am my best when I dream and execute alone, or so I thought.

I struggled with teams because I am told I am predominantly a choleric, and that means I find it difficult to wait for others to get a handle on the vision before I set out.  But working and living a dream has started to cure me of that trait and hopefully, I will be cured totally to be all that I can be because of my team.

As I have come to learn, to pick a team, especially in a society where the value for hard work and process is totally disregarded, you may have to look very closely and judge by a number of traits.

When your dream is in its initial stage, you find out that you are still scared of expenses and overhead, so you tend to pick people who may not be bringing the required skill or value to the table.  So it becomes a case of ‘cheap’, but I can tell you from experience that cheap will produce cheap.

The first thing I now look for when putting a team together is a determination of how much of the VISION they understand. Now because you are picking a team that will not only work, but can contribute to your dreaming process, the first responsibility will be yours, to share the VISION.

Sharing the VISION is never too much. What I mean is you can never share your VISION too many times. They say repetition is the best form of emphasis, and in the case of picking your team you cannot share your VISION enough.  In Habakkuk 2, the Bible says that the VISION is for an appointed time, that we ought to write it down so those who read it might be able to run with it.

Does your team understand your VISION enough to be able to share it in their own words? 

Competence, complimentary skills or talents, commitment and so many other traits we shall be discussing through this month are important, but I dare say none of these is as important as an accurate understanding of the Vision. 

So before you pick your team, ensure that your VISION is simple enough for them to grasp and run with.

Till next time keep living your dream.

Love you lots

Sistar B

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