Wednesday, March 16, 2011


“The freedom to do your own thing
Ends when you have obligations and responsibilities;
If you want to fail yourself – you – can
But you cannot do your own thing if you
have responsibilities to team members”. Lou Holtz

Welcome! Like I said the last time, picking your team is a big deal, and you must ensure that no matter what the circumstances are, you do your best to pick the right people.

However, before we begin to pick other people today, let me quickly ask that you pick YOU, yes YOU! This point has become vital because I have had some feedback from the last few postings and one that has stood out is that a lot of people do not understand that even though you cannot work your dream alone, you need to be the first member of the team.

Let me explain. A man has a dream to build an estate and has counted the cost, he will need land, he will need building materials, he will need some building permits and he will most definitely need other professionals in that industry.

So he sets out to begin to assemble his team, he picks everybody including the person who will donate the land, and the one who will pay for the building permits, but forgets or refuses to assign to himself any responsibility other than that of issuing the orders and commands!  My question is; what is wrong with this picture?

The man has called people to make all kinds of sacrifices for his dream but has refused to make sacrifices of his own. He misconstrues the ability to dream as the only prerequisite for success! Being a part of a team who will work a dream takes SACRIFICE!

And everyone on the team must make PERSONAL SACRIFICE especially the one who has the dream!  Your sacrifice may not have anything to do with giving up your resources even though I know it almost certainly does! 

The greatest sacrifice is that of giving up the liberty to do things your own way without consulting with your team! John C. Maxwell says the word TEAM is an acronym for Together Each Achieves More!  As the team leader, you will have to lay aside your personal nuances and likes to accommodate others so you can move your Vision closer to destiny.

A wise man told me recently that the Bible says “Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me” but that what most of us do is take up our crosses in the form of our dreams and visions and begin to follow.  Forgetting that it begins with denying yourself!

In essence, to walk/work a dream with others, you must pick YOU, deny yourself the luxury of having the final say every time, take up the cross of making your own sacrifices and head out towards destiny.  Like I always say, the road may be full of mountains and valleys, but if you will stick to the plan and the process, you will make it Nevertheless!

God bless and keep your dream alive.


Sistar B


  1. Nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. @Maid of Heart, thanks for reading. God bless you!

  3. What you are talking about is ike how Jesus had to pick out His twelve disciples. Each had to give up doing things their own way as they band together going where Jesus go and learning from Him. Each one of them had to make sacrifices denying everything, even their own life. Each had their own cross to carry in order to preach the gospel. They all followed Jesus to the cross.

  4. Yes Paul, exactly! So why do we think that because we are running a business or pursuing a dream it should be different? I think we should all go and study again the Business Methods of Jesus. Please Paul send me an email address where I can respond to how to monetize what you are doing with Bibles and More. Also, I have some books for release soon and I want them listed on your site. So I await a direct email address.
    Bless you bro!

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