Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who is on your Team?

Now that you have shared the Vision, did you have any buy-ins?  What do I mean ‘buy-in’? I mean how many people seem excited about what you have shared?

The mistake a lot of us make is we employ people and expect them to fall into our team.  I know this might sound like reverse psychology. I have found out, with most of the things I do, that those who walk up to me after hearing me share a bit of my Vision and tell me that what I have said resonates within their hearts, if we get to transition into a team, are usually the ones who stick and go the long haul with the dream irrespective of situation or circumstance.

When looking for a team, a few things must come to mind, my first litmus test is to ask someone who seems to fit into your team to share the Vision you have shared the way they understand it.  This usually makes things clearer for me because you will be able to tell right away whether they believe in the integrity of that Vision, or just need a job.

Also, there are those who in the process of sharing the Vision the way they have understood it, end up amplifying what you want to do sometimes even into horizons you were probably not looking at.  These I will call co-dreamers and they are a must for every Vision.

Let us move to those who are there to solve the issues and problems that might arise; these ones when you ask them to share the Vision the way they understand it, will almost always be very empirical and surgical in how they want to approach and deal with the seamless working of the Vision.  These are for me the problem solvers. Their job, it seems, is to look for what might go wrong and so have a solution ready. These are also extremely important as well.

The next set for me are the ones whom when you ask them to explain the Vision, come at it from the angle of how it will add value to society.  Now this is the catch, because we are moving from organizations that create businesses to make money to organizations that do business by first identifying the Value they can add to society. These set of people form the conscience of your business and as long as you have them, your business is bound to remain relevant. 

Finally, for this post please remember that every Visioneer has a need for people who will inspire them, people who will be willing to tell them the truth and people who bring something different to the table.

Your dream is your life work as I always say and it doesn’t matter what you think right now, you need others to make it happen for you.  In the words of my Coach John C. Maxwell, “the size of your dream will determine the size of the people attracted to it.  If you have a very big dream, you have even greater potential for good people to help you.”  Just know that you will not be able to do it alone, so pick your team carefully!


Sistar B


  1. Thanks for this. However, Is it not possible for someone to understand the vision but feign commitment and devotion, just to get on the team. How does a visioneer see through that?

  2. Hi -

    I simply wrote to say that I love this that you expressed in your "About Me" section, "If I were an animal, I will be a LIONESS."

  3. @RemiRoy, yes it is possible to feign commitment and devotion, and because we are humans, when the pressure and heat of working the Vision shows up, the cracks will tell who is in. Note that as much as we want to keep members of the team forever, people are in our lives for seasons. Either way, the Visioneer will know, because the heat will reveal the substance. @lioneagle, thanks. Waoh! you; both a lion and an eagle, I don't want to cross you!

  4. So I am wondering if what I am doing is adding value to society. I don't think I'll be making much money from what I am doing but the vision I have is to do what glorifies God.

    You see, I have blog, where I feature AMAZON products. I am an AMAZON associates.

    Do you have published books of your own that you would like me to display in my blog? Please check it out and let me know what you think. Look under the section "Christian Authors and Artists I Have Come to Know"

    I don't what you think, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


  5. Definitely Paul, though I do not fully understand how what you do works, I believe that with some inspiration from the Holy Spirit and creativity, you should be able to make money from what you do. As long as it adds value it will bring remuneration.

    I promise to check out your blog and tell you fully what I think. I have a few books in the works once they are released, I will definitely list them with you.

    God bless you.

    Sistar B