Monday, June 6, 2011

Step out of your Comfort Zone!

The journey of my life is getting more exciting by the day, and it is because I stepped up and decided that comfort zones will not work for me anymore.  Lately, I have had the opportunity of relating with people from various walks of life who seem to understand that a life lived with the mindset of making a difference is the best life that there can be. (Shout out to my JMT family).

The funny thing is that these men and women are, as I said, from different parts of the world and most of them not what you will call super rich, but they have somehow found common ground in the fact that they all recognize the need to make a difference with their lives.

What I am trying to pass across is the fact that there are very few things that are acceptable universally, but the drive to make a difference just so happens to be something the entire world believes in and agrees with irrespective of language, skin color, age and social status.  We all seem to agree that the life that is worth living is a life that makes a difference.

It therefore, in my mind, becomes a crime against humanity for a man or woman to live and never ask “What is it that I am able to do for mankind?” But just as I daily see people running around and striving to make a difference, I also see on a daily basis those who just sleep, wake up and day dream about how they will become rich and begin to solve problems while not making the effort to give from the little that they are able to harness right now.

It is my opinion that why we tend to act like that is the mere fact that we are in our comfort zones and we just hate to shift from that zone.  The sad thing about having this mindset is that it also limits us from greatness.  Greatness never comes and shall never come to the man who refuses to move out of his comfort zone. Greatness comes to those who step out most of the time not knowing what they will get, but stepping out anyway.

Recently, as part of my certification program as a John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, we had the opportunity of a call on ‘The Myth of Risk’ by Paul Martinelli, and something he said did get to me, and though I am not quoting him directly, he was basically saying that some of the stuff we have been told are not safe, we will have to try for ourselves and question their validity. It is proven that when we take the time to question the validity of some beliefs that have been passed on to us, we find that they were either baseless, or formed out of the personal experiences of those who hold them.

They therefore say to us something like ‘better safe than sorry.’  But if we will step out of our comfort zones, we may not be safe, but we will definitely not be sorry.  Because for whatever reason we step out, we are bound to learn some useful lessons.

A life of value is a fulfilling life, and a fulfilling life will only come to those who step out.  As a man/woman who will make a difference, today is the day you must step out and up to the responsibility of change.  Your life will only be as great as the difference that you make.

Every where you turn, there is something or someone begging for change.  Comfort zones work for those who don’t want more, but the fact that you are reading this, tells me that you want more.  So just get up and go.  Is there a chance that you will not get it right the first time? Yes there is.  But at least you can then say, I know how not to do it.  Life will get better I know, but you must be the one, to choose what it will become for you. 

You have what it takes and if you step up you will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B


  1. Hi SisterB -

    This is great boost.

    In particular, I love the last two paragraphs.

    Yes, we must go and glow in the name of JESUS!

  2. Well said, I like the go and glow in the name of Jesus! I am definitely borrowing this one. Thanks @Lioneagle.