Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GOING ORGANIC: Operating from your Strength Zone

You all have been on my mind!  So sorry couldn’t post this yesterday, even though I tried really hard at it!  Life happened and it just wasn’t possible, anyhow, here we are today, I do sincerely hope you will find answers within today’s post.

Recently I have been asked how best to grow a business, which businesses tend to do well and how does one identify which business may do well.  I have also had the opportunity to listen in on conversations centered on strategy sessions and how they help clarify the direction a business should go, and how to go about achieving the goals that have been set.

As you may be aware, I have nothing against lofty plans and ideas and strategies, it is just that simple does it for me.  I am a very simple person, and I believe that complicated does not necessarily mean more sophisticated or ideal!

So to help you find out for yourself which dream you should pursue and which ones will yield the highest return, I introduce you to ORGANIC.  In health sectors you may have heard about organic food, how expensive they are and how healthy they can be.  The question becomes what is organic?  Simply put organic is natural!  We are now been charged to pay more for food items that have not been processed chemically in any way.

To my mind this was how our great grand parents lived, everything was harvested and eaten fresh without the input of chemicals, but at some point we became too civilized and organic wasn’t good enough for us anymore, so today, with all the ailments flying around, some one has suddenly remembered that the natural way, was the best way all along.


It is no different with your pursuing a dream or growing a business, while the strategy sessions and lofty business plans have their place, it is my humble opinion that no matter the strategizing and planning that we do, if the dream does not stem from our natural abilities or from our core, the plans and strategies may be really great on paper, but they will not yield the desired results of impact and returns.

So what are the benefits of starting up organically?

1.       It does not benefit the Visioneer if he pursues a dream that is alien to his abilities.  It takes more work to excel at that which is not natural to you than when you stay within your strength zone, pursue with natural passion and work out with your natural ability.  Better results are obtained easily when we start up from our natural abilities.
2.       Because you are operating from your natural ability, your intuition is more alive and honed to make the right decisions.  My Mentor John C. Maxwell says that everyone is intuitive, just more intuitive in their areas of strength. When you run organically, you will be amazed at how you recognize opportunity and take advantage of it, without any kind of scientific radar.  This is because some how, inside of you lives this dream even before it is lived on the outside.  You will make more creative decisions just trusting your guts than in trusting in strategies and plans.
3.       When what you pursue is from your strength zone, it means it is a passion that consumes you, and because it is your passion, you will find that you have more grace to be able to persevere in the face of the challenges that will arise in the course of working that dream.  When you live on a dream that is either borrowed or forced on you, the ability to persevere is definitely not as strong.   The passion inside of you provides the assurance that you will some how be able to win no matter the challenges that may arise.

Please note that again, I am not against strategies, but I am saying that they ought to support your organic abilities and not dictate them.  The dream you are running with is found in your DNA and no strategy will be able to erase that or take its place. It is inside of you, so what you need to do is listen to your instinct and if you do, I assure you, you will make it NeverTheLess.

Love you loads.

Sistar B

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