Monday, October 24, 2011

Finding Expression

Welcome!  I do hope last week’s post was useful to you.  If yes, please do me a favour and leave a comment.  Thank you, the encouragements mean a lot to me.

I thought we should continue from where we stopped last week especially as someone had asked me what the next step should be having answered the set of questions in the previous post.

I was in conversation with some friends this week, and we were talking about how to recognize and define what our life’s work is and how to resource our dreams using those things that are natural to us.  It was in the course of this conversation that it hit me that publishing a magazine is not my life sentence or passion.  Yes, I love what we do with Effectual and can go on throughout my life time doing it without getting tired of it.  But it is not my life work!

I didn’t have to wait for two minutes before one of the ladies asked me what my life work was then, because to them, the magazine had to be it.  I explained that the magazine was just one form of expressing my life work.  My life sentence is to add value to all whom I come in contact with.  The writing, teaching, speaking and coaching are just ways in which I can add that value.

To take it a step further, I am called to add value in a very specific way, and that is to help people recognize, define and live their dreams or life purposes.   What this means is that since I know that I am called to add value in this specific way, I had to strategise and plan on how I was going to fulfill my life work, using my gifts and talents.  Writing, speaking, teaching and coaching come natural to me, so I choose to develop myself in those areas so I can spread the message of my life sentence.

My message is simple, “everyone is put here for a reason, and you are packed with every potential to be able to live it all”.   The point of today’s post therefore, is to ask a follow up question to the ones we had asked last week.

Which is, “what is your strategy for living out your dream?”  How do you intend to make money, if money making is what you are here to do?  Money to what end and for whose sake?  What qualities do you possess that you can develop into skills that can enhance your ability to make money?

Other questions will be, which part of the strategy and plan should you follow through on first?  And in dealing with this, to avoid being discouraged I always advice that the individual deals with those parts of the plan that come easier than the rest.

If we all agree that we are here on earth with something to contribute, then taking the time to define what it is, cannot be over emphasized.  Once your definition is clear and you have the required clarity, wouldn’t it be wise to have a plan? 

Again, I am here to add value to everyone I will come across.  The value I am created to add is to equip people to discover their own role on earth and help them work it out.  My medium of delivering on this purpose, are the talents I have in writing, speaking, teaching and coaching.  These talents, I have developed and I am still developing to ensure that I am able to rise to the occasion every time.

Over to you. What are you on earth for?  What talents do you possess?  What is your strategy? 

In other words, what will you do as an expression of your life sentence?

Till next week, remember that you will make it, NeverTheLess.


Sistar B

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