Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What really is Lucrative?


Something is bothering me this morning.  In the last one week, I have had at least four different conversations with people running one business or the other who are running in my opinion on an empty tank right now.  I have also had the opportunity to speak with a few others getting ready to set up a business who cannot honestly tell why they feel that is the best business for them at this point.

Yes, the business is lucrative is the first thing that I hear when you ask them why.  And this is the reason why I have an issue today.  Is it enough to only set up businesses just because they are lucrative?

I have been told that I am too emotional in my dealings, and while I agree that I may be emotional, I can assure you that my passion for what I do is the only reason why I came out to work today.  The reason I am yet to give up and I may most likely not give up will be because I recognize in my gut that this is what I am here to do.

When will we begin to incorporate the emotional intellect of the individual into what is meant to be his life work?  When will it become okay for us to understand that until a man understands his purpose and crafts his life work around it, he will have more lows than highs in living his dream? When will we begin to recognize that all the systems and modules on “how to” and” steps to” are at best only partially effective until we incorporate the whole man?

A man’s dream or vision is useless if he has to work it only because it is the most lucrative idea around.  I am thinking that what we should be doing is taking into consideration the man for who he is, and lead him to craft a dream, vision or business that flows from the core of who he is.  I can assure you that what will happen is that the man will find extremely creative ways to be able to win no matter how things pan out in the business.

We all are talking about Steve Jobs today, and he will be spoken of for many years more. What makes him stand, out for me, is the fact that he lived from the core of who he was.

Enough of the faking, enough of the imitation, respect will come for your dream as will success, if it is really yours and it rises from deep within you.  I know this is not a great post for the Managers amongst us, but that is the exact point; we are meant to be leaders and leaders are meant to be both original and people with something deep within them.

How do we fix this?  Look out for next week’s post.

Have a great week ahead, being you!

Sistar B

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