Sunday, February 19, 2012


Last week I received a recording from my Coach Anna McCoy on something she tagged Vision Exam. It was a call for us to reexamine how we are working and walking our Vision to ascertain that we are on track.  Her guest on the show, my Woman Act Now sister, Dr. Pam Ross, a leadership expert, talked on something called Hesitant Walk where she told us to take time to look at what we had set out to do and ask ourselves why we had hesitated.  She went on to say that if we went through the exercise, we will find that one reason why we have not walked as powerfully as we ought to, is because we have gotten comfortable in what I call Familiar Land.  This is the land where you have operated successfully for a while and have gotten so used to the way things are done that you have made a bed there.

I realized immediately that I have been dwelling in familiar land, I had received a few new mandates on how to move my dream further, but I have been too comfortable in Familiar land that I have not taken the plunge.  I felt really bad, but now that I see my folly, here is announcing that I am moving out of Familiar Land.  Please pray for me, ask that grace will be available to me, ask that I will have the right support that I require and ask that I will overcome my greatest fear; The Fear of Rejection!

So even on this page things are going to change pretty soon, what this means is if nothing changes in the next fortnight then please send me a mail on  I am submitting myself to you; you can hold me accountable to this commitment to leave familiar land.  In a few short weeks, I will also be announcing a few other ways you can follow our work apart from this blog and the magazine, again hold me accountable.

Now as we walk and work our dream life, once in a while you will find that you have made your bed in familiar land; you are not alone. However, please find a way to relocate.  Here are a few tips that should help you get out.

First, you must be discerning enough to recognize when you have plateaued.  My Coach's message woke me up, and I quickly started a self audit. Maybe this post will encourage you to do an audit to find out why you have become that way too.

Secondly, immediately ask for help. The moment I realized what had happened I sent a mail both to my Coach and my Sister and co- traveller.  Both of them responded in very meaningful ways and by the end of the day, I had a clearer plan of how to proceed.  They are also going to keep checking until I move all my stuff out of familiar land.  You should too!  Again feel free to write in here and I will be glad to help midwife the new birth even as these ladies help midwife mine.

Thirdly, take the first baby step in getting out of familiar land. It doesn't matter how simple or inconsequential the step may seem, it will be your first sign to yourself that you are both ready and willing to do this.  This means taking your focus away from the end and just doing the very next thing that comes easy to you. Make the telephone call, write the first line or paragraph, just do something.

People, I have no idea how this new journey will unfold. I am sure of many highs, a few lows in between and a lot of curves along the way, but isn't that why it is a journey?  I will step into these unknown waters, afraid, yet confident that the tide will take me to destiny.  You should step out too, irrespective of what your fears and inadequacies may be.

Finally, I decided to put this out here because I want to be able to commit to moving out of familiar land with all that I have, and knowing you are waiting to witness my progress is enough motivation to keep going. Put yourself out too, it helps.  This means I will need to have a healthy disregard for the impossible, and you should too.

After all is said and done, remember this is a divinely ordained destination and He that has ordained will ensure you get there.  We will make it NeverTheLess, I promise, we will.

Please find the link for the conversation that triggered all this here.


Sistar B


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