Monday, February 6, 2012


I tossed through the night because I have the 'itch.' I am beginning to feel like time is running out and we should have done more than we have done right now. And when I have the itch, I feel like we should zap through the phases to arrive at our destination.

However, I found out early in my walk with God that there is no stampeding Him, and there are absolutely no short cuts when it comes to walking and working alongside Him to birth and nurture a dream, no matter how lofty.

That realization did not however, stop me from trying to hurry things up or to move faster than had been ordained for me.  Sometimes I forget who the real boss is, other times I remember who the boss is, I am just not in the mood to play nice, so I do my best to cut in line and see if it is possible that He will let me through, even if He will come back with the consequence later.

Much as I tried, it seemed like I was the only one in the universe he was watching at the point, so I somehow always got caught by Him.  With time I came to the conclusion that I was either too important that He won’t let me be or that the dream was so important that a mess up was not an option.  It turns out I was right on both points, so I 'humbled up,' and decided there was no winning with the big guy.

What this all meant was that I had to travel real slowly, by my estimation sometimes.  The amazing thing is, I still made it to my destination on time according to the divine agenda, and I was never late! Over time I started to learn to surrender and go with the flow.  Still slow if you asked my opinion, although I recognise my opinion really didn't matter!

With the surrender, I began to see that there was more to the journey than the destination.  There was so much to learn on the trip itself that a zap through will not allow.  The experiences; good, bad and ugly in these years all come together to make for the strength with which I step out every day, still uncertain what I will come across in the course of the day but extremely confident that my boss will take me through it all.

This post has become expedient because I can already feel the pressure to surpass what we achieved last year, I want to do more, and because of that I can sense the itch to zap off as usual.  But then I have learnt my lesson, so I quickly look for inspiration to hold on till my boss releases me.

If there is a dream in your heart or you are living one already, it can take a while, but if you want to get it right, understanding that the process is just as important, if not more important than the journey, will help a great deal.  I make less and less mistakes these days because I now know that surrendering is a gift I give my boss, to receive fulfillment.

The microwave is a great machine, but when you throw in food without allowing it to thaw first, the taste is the first thing you lose!  Your dream is designed for eternity, walking the path of process is an important piece of getting it right, and so we cannot afford to lose the taste just so we can have our food fast.

Others may have been moving really fast, but do you have the same assignment or pace? Since when did your dream become a competition anyway?  As I write this, I have in front of me the first ever edition of Effectual Magazine, and I am grateful for the journey even more than the destination.

If we could get this far, despite my constant itch to move faster, if you will surrender too, you will make it NeverTheLess.

Take time out and view the scenery, you may never travel this way again, and if you don't know what it looks like, how can you say you travelled this way?  The beautiful thing is no matter how long it takes, when you surrender, you will not be late NeverTheLess.

Wait, I see a scenery I must take in... See you on the other side of dream land, you will make it Nevertheless.


Sistar B


  1. This blesses me and pushes me back to deliver for the boss my Power thoughts! expect more from me in that way in the coming days! Thanks for staying the course Bidemi!