Monday, April 16, 2012

Money And The Actualisation of Your Dream

Good morning welcome to another week at NeverTheless, your get better page.  As you know on this page we are all about dreaming and getting it done.   So how has it been living your dream and what challenge have you had to deal with lately?

Last week I was in a Coaching session with someone, who wants to start her dream business so she can transition over time from paid employment to becoming her own boss.  As we sat together to figure out what might be the first step to take, she mentioned to dreaded word, MONEY! Knowing from experience that once we begin to think about money, the tendency is to freeze and thereby not move to pursue the dream, I told her that we were going to continue our coaching sessions, but we will not be dealing with the subject of money in a very long time.

Now someone may think that maybe like an ostrich I am asking her to bury her head in the sand and not think through the financial implications of living her dream, but I can assure you that is not the case. I was just saying that at the stage we were in, if she started to think about how to raise the finances to fund her dream, she may be tempted to give up before she had even begun.

I am sure you are now wondering what you should be doing at the initial stage if you are not meant to think about money.  Well for a start, what are the things that you can do that do not require money?  Thinking through your vision, writing it down, defining your target audience and the vehicle for your dream all don’t require money.

Sometimes, even picking a board, if your dream must be lived at that stage from the beginning, does not require money!  Now that you have done this, what else can you do?  What about settling with yourself what you are willing to sacrifice?  What will you give up for a while to begin to build a nest of funds that will serve as your seed capital to take off?

What services can you barter on?  For example, if you require the services of a lawyer to draft some legal documents and agreement for you, who is a lawyer within your circle of influence and what services can you offer him/her in return for his own services?

Remember that no one owes your dream anything, by way of ensuring that you succeed; that is entirely up to you.  The first funding that you will most likely find for your business, will be first from you, and then from those who are in your immediate circle of influence. When I started, my husband helped out, my family did what they could, and I had a few friends who were willing to loan me some funds.

For my friends I made sure that I didn’t ask for sums of money indefinitely, instead I set a time frame for repayment and I did my best to stick to it. The truth is that if you are a first timer, no established organization will be willing to take the chance with you; that happens only after you have a track record of success.  It is therefore, (my personal opinion) a waste of time chasing after the banks, do a little more of self and creative financing.

Another step you may want to consider is to start very small.  I have heard people say that their dream isn’t the kind that you start small, and I beg to differ. You can start every dream small, and commit to growing it to whatever size you want. 

Remember, that a dream isn’t worth the sleep except you are wide awake when dreaming it.  Put action to your dreams, be willing to make your own sacrifice (put your money where your mouth is) and with time, you will begin to gain the recognition that brings about funding.

Till next week, remember that one step at a time, no matter how small those steps are, if you stick to the plan, you will make it NeverTheLess, you will.

See you next week.


Sistar B
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