Monday, April 30, 2012


I have this dress in my wardrobe; no I didn't buy it, one of my sisters bought it and gifted it to me.  Pretty lace at the top and flared from beneath the bust to my knees.  Each time I remember my PBD I begin to think up an appropriate occasion when I will wear it. 

I am not famous for social events, I pretty much like my bedroom and I love spending time with my books. Time with Dstv is delightful for me, but because of my PBD I am willing to endure an evening with just about any kind of company; it doesn't have to be my favourite company as long as I can wear my dress!

But you know something; I never even knew that dress existed, until my sister gifted it to me.  The first time I wore it was a tad too tight, yet all I can think about now is where to wear the dress to.  I really want to wear my dress! 

I remember when I was a young girl, my mother happened to be the original Virtuous woman. I mean she bought our Christmas clothes in July and somehow when December came around you find she had shopped fashion forward! We were always the centre of attraction; she got it right every time.  And I remember that any opportunity we get, my sister and myself, we sneak into my mother’s room just to try on our Christmas clothes and we will do this almost every week till December. 

I also remember that when I realized that I was called to teach, I wanted to teach so badly that it was like a bad case of the rash.  Everyone who had the misfortune of coming around me received a dose of my teaching.  Sometimes I will wonder why it was taking so long for God to unveil me! Couldn't He see that I was willing and I was available? Today I can see God smile and say then "willing, yes, available yes, prepared no." And I can see my father smile and say to me patience my child, patience.

What gifts have you received that you are anxious to use? Guess what I found out about my dress, at the time I received it, I could wear it, but more because I was determined to wear it than the fact that it was a perfect fit.  I tried it on a lot of times and even though I could pull it off, it was always at the risk of not eating anything if I went out in it.

Recently, months after I got my PBD I wore it, and because I had made some lifestyle change and lost some weight, I was finally ready to step out in my PBD.  Like my gift of teaching, I had raw talent, but I needed refining and I needed maturity, both of which take time. So today over ten years later, I can say more than being available and willing to step out, I am now more prepared. 

I still have no idea where I will wear my PBD to but with my weight loss I know I will look fabulous in it whenever the event shows up. Submit to your preparation process despite the urge to step out in your dress. When you are truly ready, you will do amazingly well because then it will be preparation meeting with opportunity to release destiny.

So as I hang my dress back in the wardrobe today waiting for its day, I will be patient and content with where I am and what I do.  I encourage you to be patient too. Will you be content with the back of the desert for now? Everything you learn there will be useful when you get to the palace.  Remember David, remember the lion and the bear, and by all means remember Goliath.  However, also remember that at the back of the desert, David may have felt like he was the forgotten son, but being there alone gave the opportunity to hone his warrior skills and when the day came, he did really meet opportunity prepared.

If you like yourself now, if you like where you are while working to move to the next phase, it will be easier to enjoy that phase when it comes. After all, there is a blue print somewhere; we are just acting out a script.


Sistar B

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  1. SistarB, very well spoken. I am reminded that God is waiting on me to complete my preparation class for what He has called me to.

  2. @Hidden Treasures yes, we all need to ensure we go through adequate preparation. However, I also found out that the preparation process is never done. So we keep preparing, excelling and back to preparing again.