Monday, January 7, 2013



 It’s the 7th of January already and time waits for no one.  Someone asked me what to do when the first significant thing that happened in the New Year is for the bottom to fall off your plans.  What do you do when your Partner in the dream or business has asked to be released from his commitment? What do you do when the funding you expected to be able to take off, is withdrawn within the first few days of the working year?  What can you do, when your  plan is sent on a tailspin because some major component fell through?

Well!  Yes, what should one do?  Maybe I will not be able to give you detailed answers for your peculiar situation, but I can surely begin by letting you know that what you should do is ADAPT!  The truth is, there is no perfect plan… so if something goes wrong this early, as unsettling as it can be, it is better it has happened this early, you can make adjustments.

What failure wants you to do is throw up your hands and say you cannot go on, because you hit a brick wall.  However, if you go that route, your dream life will be cut short even before you see the gains within 2013.  So consider the following to remain on track…

1.    Adapt as quickly as you can.  Don’t take too much time mourning over what has happened, instead take time to reflect on why it happened, how come you were blindsided and make a decision.  In the past, when I hit this kind of wall, I spend too much time processing and making no decision. The longer it took, the more lethargic I became towards the goal.  But recently, I hit one of those walls, and even though it seemed like what I had built was going a-crumbling right before my eyes, I knew I didn’t have the liberty of time.  I knew I had to move forward and to move forward meant I had to make a decision.  The moment I was able to make that one decision, I began to see a lot more clearly and adapting became easier.

2.      Assess Your Resources and quickly see how you can work with what you have until you are either able to find additional funding, or replace the marker that fell out.  What I realise is that we wait until whatever we are doing begins to go south before we do any assessment; especially when things are going really well.   The first lesson I have learnt in 2013 is that even when stuff is going as planned, it is important to reflect on a regular basis so you can appraise and assess your operations.  So take a look at what you have on the ground and make the necessary adjustments until the storm passes.

3.     Keep Your Attitude Positive.  Surprises such as the one we are talking about here can honestly dampen the excitement with which one has entered the year.  However, that again is a trick to keep us down.  We must keep our attitude positive.  Yes the cup is no longer full, but rather than seeing it as half empty let your mindset be that it is half full.  This snag may delay your result for a while but a positive attitude says, I know it will still work out no matter what.

4.     Go back to what you did the first time and it worked… there is always some pattern that you can go back to in picking the pieces and keeping the dream alive… find that pattern and stick to it until you begin to get your desired result again.

5.      Remember That It is Your Dream.  Because the dream is yours and yours alone, the tendency is that others will not be able to keep pulling with you for whatever reason, but you have to keep going.  So even when it seems like you are alone, remember it is your dream and stick with it!

Finally, remember that adversity is the true test of greatness.  So if you give up now then your strength is small… so don’t give up!  What you are about is important and will bless you and others, giving up therefore, is not an option!  

Remember that there is a big God who is more interested in your success than even you are!  He will ensure that you make it NeverTheLess, I know He will.  So even though things seem very uncertain this early, know that behind every cloud the sun does wait to burst through.  You will make it! NeverTheLess.


Sistar  B


  1. I love it. This year, for the first time in a long time I actually made a plan. The idea that it could all come unstuck seems a bit daunting, but the mere fact that i have a plan, means i can regroup, adapt and get back on track.

    Dear sis, thank you for a most encouraging piece. I will surely make it

  2. My Sista, yes the fear of everything unraveling is always there, then there is the actual fact that some of these things just fall through without warning. Experience has taught me however, that even when this happens, because you already have a plan, adapting becomes a little easier than if you had no plan at all.

    We will make it no matter what, because in ultimately, God has our back NeverTheLess. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Love you!

  3. This is incredible! The Spirit is truly one. You need to read "I'm Going All The Way." The semblance in the theme is almost uncanny and it confirmed the message on my heart for this year. It is amazing how far we can go on a three-legged chair when we hold on tenaciously and refuse to give up. God bless you, my Sista. I look forward to welcoming you to the city with the "Broken Chair" this year DV.

  4. @Irene! really amazing how far we go!!! I am so looking forward to that trip myself. What a year so far is all I can say! In it all though, isn't the assurance of making it to the finishing line just beautiful?