Monday, December 31, 2012

Ahead Into 2013: What Can You Do?

Apparently none of us had the power to increase the number of days in 2012, hard as we might have tried and as much as we might have wanted or needed to; the year has come to an end.  If you are like me, you must feel initially that you didn’t make any progress but after you take time to reflect and reconsider, you realise that you had moved up in leaps and bounds.  Maybe not as far as you wanted, but you moved.

For me that 2012 is ending is not news, and it shouldn’t be even for you, I mean we all had a whole year's notice that this will happen today, so why are we so hung up?  I believe it is because after all is said and done, we realise that despite all the plans we made, none of us had what it took to make it this far, we still had to rely on Someone greater to make it all happen. Thank you Lord!

That tomorrow is the first day of January 2013 is also not news, so while we all will and should celebrate the New Year day festivities, what happens after the celebration?  I am thinking that since we had taken a few weeks to reflect on 2012, we should progress into how we will walk the 2013 journey.  

These points should be useful to you

1.       Go Pictorial – No matter what you intend to achieve with 2013, can you see the picture in your mind?  I was thinking about my life journey going forward and I am cutting pictures that speak to me.  You too should do a Vision Board it will help you see in your mind’s eye where you want to go and give you something to walk towards. (See Blog archive on Vision Board).

2.      Trust Your Instinct – As your life is what we are talking about, it will be really nice to trust your instinct, trust what your gut tells you next year.  I mean if it is your dream life why is everyone else telling you what to do and what not to?

3.      Truly Care about Your Customer – whether you provide goods or services, you will not be relevant without your customers.  So why not make caring for them a huge part of your business focus in the next year.  A happy customer will help you make bank every time you know.

4.      Bring Greater Value – No matter how well you do, there is always room for improvement. So to have a great 2013, why not find more ways to add value to the people you are serving?  Enhance your products, make your customer service experience exceptional. Bring more value!

5.      Partner or Collaborate – some of the things that will bring your dream to significance this new year may not be things you can do alone, so consider who you might need to join forces or collaborate with for the greater good.

6.      Enjoy The Ride – As you may well know, 2013 will have a December 31, just as 2012 and all the other years before have had.  So why not enjoy the ride?  Do your absolute best but make up your mind to enjoy the ride as you go on.

7.      Be Grateful – No matter what happens because some curves will definitely show up along the way, the valleys and the mountains will also be part of the journey… so be grateful.  For every experience be grateful!

8.      Stir Your Ship – In the final analysis it is your dream.  You cannot trust anyone else to get you to wherever you want to go, so take responsibility for 2013, think big, do your homework, get your hands dirty if need be.  Whatever you do, stir your ship! 

While these are not exhaustive, let them set the marker for how you start.  Thank you for being part of my life through 2013, welcome to 2013 and make the best use of your opportunity to be alive.

Happy New Year!


Sistar B

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