Thursday, November 25, 2010


A few days ago, I drank something without looking at the label, someone gave me a bottle of some health drink and it looked to me like something you should drink at once, especially since I had drank the same thing last week at a function, though in a smaller package.  So I took the entire bottle and downed it.

Hours later I was feeling like I ate a horse, and I couldn’t explain why that was happening.  Eventually, someone pointed out to me that I was meant to drink only about 30 ml of the product diluted in water! The bottle held 473ml and by my estimation I had drank about 300ml!!!

Thank God it wasn’t something that could cause damage beyond my inability to eat for an entire day!  So it got me thinking, how many things have I gulped and swallowed without reading their manual or directions?  How many people have I dealt with not knowing who they really are, and how best to handle them?  How many years have I lived without a plan or a method?

All these questions have enabled me make up my mind that though this year is fast coming to an end and I cannot say I had a great plan in place when I set out; I will spend what is left planning for 2011.  I will set goals, I will put together processes, and I will exercise the required discipline to ensure that I follow through!

Back to the drink, it was a health drink, which meant it had lots of value to deliver, if I just took it in the right amount! The discomfort of not eating anything, yet feeling like I ate a horse is more than enough to ensure that I read labels and manuals before trying anything new, going forward.

The same way this drink had the capacity to help, it also had the capacity to make one uncomfortable if the dose is wrong.  The WORD of God is kind of like this health drink, there is a recommended dose, ά la Joshua 1:8, reading alone doesn’t work; there is a place for meditation… so how much WORD do you know? How much process are you sure of? …

Assumptions can kill, and from now I will do my best to not assume I know, because even the most harmless of things may have injurious side effects.

Watch this page for preparing for next year.  Even if it seems your 2010 was wasted, there is time to plan and utilize 2011 properly.  After all, he who has life still has hope. NEVERTHELESS…


Sistar B


  1. Oh gosh, good thing you didn't blow up, phew.

    Happy Thanksgiving :}

  2. Yes! Isn't God good? Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. Oh my!Thank God it was not worse. God has a way of teaching us lessons. Even from the seemingly unconnected things.
    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Yes! Thank God that was all that it was! The lesson is learned I promise you.

  5. You learned a very good lesson that most people never learn their entire life. Never assume anything! It will save you a lot of heart aches and money too! :-)


  6. Yes Ron, I did learn a good lesson, and to tell the truth I am grateful how it went...