Thursday, November 11, 2010


My favourite TV show on Sunday afternoon is Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, with Ty and his team.  There is just no episode I watch that doesn’t make me cry. My husband asked me once why I watch it, and I told him it’s because my heart is in the same place as that of the team.

What amazes me most is that there isn’t any visible sign that this show has any faith based ideal behind it, but each time I see these guys take a family and give them joy and hope, I just see that Jesus comes in Jeans and work tools sometimes and not only with a bible and a flowing robe.

I cry because I never fail to see how men and women who take time to stop and show love in a tangible way to others bring hope.  I cry when I watch because I keep saying to myself when will I be able to make a difference on a scale such as this?  When will I be able to go some where and give people a home, some hope and spread some joy around in the magnitude that Ty and his team do?

I weep when I watch because I am forced to ask ‘Lord, why don’t you put the resources in my hands and see how I will use it for your glory?’  I weep because sometimes knowing how little I can do right now, brings the inadequacy in my person to the fore.

But I have decided I will continue to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I will continue to applaud Ty, his team and ABC for the great work they are able to do, but I will also keep watching because each time I come away from that TV, I know that I am important and I can make a difference.  I know I may not be able to build homes yet but maybe I can sweep premise where the owners for one reason or the other cannot.

I may not be able to bring a whole year’s food supply to a family but what if I just bring them lunch?  We all are called to make a difference and I will do my best within my resources right now.  I understand that if I have to wait until I have enough, my help may come too late.

I am learning through this show on TV, that whatever thoughtful contribution I make will go some way even if not a long way.

But most of all, I weep profusely, when the family who are being helped by Ty and his team is a family that have given so much even out of their own lack.  And I see that as long as there is love in our hearts we will be able to out give even the richest man on earth. 

My conclusion is this, while money makes the world go round, love keeps it from falling apart! And while we go around claiming that we know God, we must remember that God is LOVE, and if we love, we will find a way to make this world a better place.


Sistar B

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