Friday, November 19, 2010

Revealed vs. Concealed

Do you ever struggle with discerning what God’s will concerning a matter is? I do.  I struggle because sometimes it is a lot easier if I just know the end from the beginning, that way maybe I will be a lot more tolerant of the process I may have to go through.

I want to know the concealed sometimes because it helps to be able to explain the details to others who may want to question why I do the things that I do.  Sometimes it may not be something earth shattering, but at other times it is an absolutely defining issue like, who should I marry and should I invest in a particular venture or not.

A wise man said that God took a risk when he gave us freewill! What this means is that God gave man freewill so he will be able to choose and this was a great risk because the very first man derailed and disobeyed God’s injunction.  You would think that we will be like our father and just do without knowing for a certainty what our outcomes will be, but trusting that they will benefit us anyway.  Isn’t this what faith is?

But not me, most of the time, I want a guaranty that whatever it is I have to deal with will turn out just right and perfect!  This makes me preoccupied with the concealed and therefore, sometimes, miss out on enjoying the revealed.

My question is why is it that man is so interested in that which is beyond his naked eyes?  Why are we so caught up in what will happen in the future? I think it is because even though God took a risk with us and gave us the freewill, we prefer to be safe and so we do whatever we can to ensure that we know what may befall us.

However, that this is not the best way to live is what I have come to find out. I realize that every time I start to fidget because I want to unearth that which is concealed, I tend to miss that which is directly under my nose.  As a single person, being consumed with who I will marry can take away from enjoying my season of singleness, just like, as a new bride the more I press to know if my marriage will last or stand the test of time, the more I forget what it is like to have and enjoy my spouse.

As a minister, it is possible to be so consumed with what I cannot see that I may just not be able to stop and appreciate God for picking me, thereby reducing my ability to minister to God alone.  The list goes on and on…

What is the way out?  I now choose to do my best with what is revealed to me, and leave the concealed to God, who knows all things, to take care of.  I choose to do my very best in the here and now, trusting that God will take care of the future. 

I choose to do my best with the revealed, because I know that God will take care of the concealed.

Love you much,

Sistar B

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