Monday, January 16, 2012


Welcome to a new week!  How is it going in your part of the earth? My earth is fabulous, thanks for asking.  As you may have read from my last post we are still away in South Africa, building bridges for each others destiny as well as powering up brand new Kingdom Mandates, I truly wish I could explain what I mean to you, but I doubt that I really can, because there are no words to describe the magic of the moments we have had!

In all these I miss my family so bad, and I want to thank them all, but especially Mark, my husband for being so gracious this past week. To my brothers and sisters, Nigerians who have stood up to demand for justice, well done! We all are building bridges and one day it will all come together, I promise... You will not labour in vain.

Today's post is to salute the courage of everyone who steps out, stands up or simply remain in their ordained place so other destinies will emerge.  I had always known that I was called to the nations, I had always known that Southern Africa held a special place in my destiny and somehow since the year 2006 I have come here practically every year hoping that God will unveil and release the locks to the gates of South Africa so I could go into my destiny within this nation, I have been faithful in coming and I never lost hope that the city will receive me...

But I had a bridge to destiny for this nation and I was yet to recognize or align myself with this bridge.  Until 2011 and I met Coach Anna McCoy and this year she brought me to my bridge Linda Wallace, and today the gates have lifted and I can begin to see my destiny unfold within South

For every dream, vision and destiny, there are bridges you must walk through to get the gates to lift so you can step into the prosperity of your dream, however that will unfold!  There are a few principles you must be able to submit to however, and even though I didn't know it then, I have kept living these principles and when it was time my bridges came and today the gates opened up to what I carry.  Here are a few:

1.  Persistence- I never considered giving up on the dream within my heart for this nation, everytime I had the opportunity to visit I spoke to the dream, even when I had no idea what the process will be.  I kept working at the stuff I could work on, while waiting for God to work out what I couldn't.  It is no different for your dream, you need to persist and keep working out what you can, while trusting God to do that which you couldn't.

2.  Be Open and love your place of assignment - I loved and love even more now the nation of South Africa, even when people had negative things to say, I still loved SA, in my space, this was a special nation.  What this did for me was it allowed me keep myself open to be able to walk through her gates.  You cannot have a dream in your Heart and not love your presumed place of assignment lock, stock and barrel!  The gates of prosperity will open to you if you truly love your dream and place of assignment!

3.  Be willing to make the sacrifice that is required.  In my case this time it was to be willing to pay my way even though I had no concrete reason step out, other than that my Coach wants me to come with her.  What this means is that as you pursue and live your dream,  some sacrifices will not have a clear reward pattern but if you trust the dream in your heart then you must be willing to pay the price.

4.  Recognize your bridge builder!  When I began this journey with Coach Anna, I could not have envisaged how far we have come, neither did I see a Linda Wallace in the picture!  But that morning when I got out of the taxi at the Guest House and Linda wrapped her hands around me, I could tell that she was relevant to my destiny (hugs to you Mama Linda).  It will be no different to your dream, yes you will have your own Coach Anna, but there will always be a Linda Wallace around your Coach Anna, and you MUST make room for her.

5.  Love  People Regardless - Of all these principles, something stands out and that is the fact that to find and align yourself with your bridges, you need a great resource in love! Love yourself, love your dream and love the people you will come in contact with especially those who it may seem like are invading your space.  The key may just be in their hands. Not that you love to get to the key, but that you love them genuinely enough for them to release them to you.  Remember, love makes the world go round, and it certainly accelerates the pace of your dream.

While these points are not exhaustive by any means, maybe I will go back to this subject in the future, but the point of a bridge to destiny is you must have faith in the NOW and all that God will surround you with!  Resources will flow and out of your life even as you struggle to leave your dream and destiny and you must keep your eyes open while trusting the process. You have need for discernment, I know, but you must also keep your hope unbroken.

Finally, on this post, I must give a shout out to my sister, friend and fellow traveller Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, even as unclear as this journey is right now, as regards its usefulness to you, I am glad you are God's gift to me so I will remain confident in who I am. (thank you).

Also, to Bokang, a tremendous bridge (even though she may not quite know it yet), thank you for giving of yourself.  You intimidate me!

Ok people, that's it, another phase of my journey to live my dream unfolding... Not sure where this will lead, but very sure that I will make it NeverTheLess, and so will you too!




  1. God bless yu for this piece. its really encouraging!

  2. Thank you,glad to be able to serve. God bless you too!

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  4. Thanks John E. McQueen, you are welcome to leave your comments here and hopefully others will be helped as well. Thanks for stopping by. Best regards.