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Honouring Your Dream: Organic Is Still The Way To Go

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Hello people, I am excited to be able to relate with you today, yes I am!  Every time I go to the NeverTheLess page and check the traffic as brought to me by Feedjit, I am so honoured and grateful that you will stop by to read my thoughts.  That is why my Monday mornings have become more exciting than usual, because I cannot wait to bring you my thoughts on how my dream is unfolding, hoping you will find them useful.  So this beautiful Monday morning, I want to say to all of you who stop by, thank you for honouring me with your presence on this blog, you are loved and appreciated.

Moving on to today’s post; I am a thinker which is why I always find something to write from my personal experiences, and so I hope you are not tired of reading yet another post based on my experience in South Africa.  Well, if you are, please bear with me one more time.

Here is the thing, while we were in South Africa I saw honour modeled by Coach Anna McCoy and Mama Linda Wallace, so much that I have not been able to get the word out of my mind.  I came back with my mind made up to do my best honouring everyone and everything God allows me to come in contact with going forward, especially as Coach told us that honour is a Culture in the Kingdom.

As child of God, I decided to research what God had to say about honour and I stumbled upon Mark 6:1-6, when Jesus went into His home country to teach in the synagogues and rather than be inspired by Him, the people were offended by Him; consequently ‘he could do no mighty work there.’  But before the declaration that He could do no mighty work there was made, Jesus told them, ‘a prophet is not without honour except in His country.’ 

I kept thinking, why is it that a prophet does not have honour in his own town? And it occurred to me that familiarity can usually breed contempt which is what had happened here.  They were too used to Jesus, they saw him grow up as a little boy; they saw him learn carpentry and maybe even work for some of them, and they could not reconcile those facts with the truth that they now heard and saw him display.

I quickly went to my life to check how I have dishonoured so many people especially those closest to me, because I was overly familiar with them.  Then I look at the dreams I have been pushing to give God glory and remember how I have the tendency to think that my gift is too ordinary to matter.  I mean anybody can write and anybody can speak if they set their heart to it, I used to say.

It dawned on me that I wasted so much time agonizing over the ‘ordinariness’ of my gifts that I never stepped out to put them to use, and therefore,  might have missed some opportunities in the past.  As I thought about it,  I realized that at the root of it all, was the fact that I didn’t think my dream was ‘shiny’ and big enough to make a difference and this was dishonour for what God had so graciously endowed me with.

You may be sitting on a gold mine today, but because it looks like a pile of dirt, you refuse to dig in. You are not sure that such a pile of dirt can hold any treasure, yet you are running around sending out CVs and attending interviews for jobs that make you miserable when you eventually get them.  This is the same thing as dishonouring what God has put in you to give you greatness.

Dreaming is a great thing but any dream for which you will need to look outside of you for the raw material to walk/work in is not organic. It may work, but will most definitely not yield as much as that which comes from your organic self (Gifts and Talents).

I guess what I am trying to say today is that maybe, just maybe, the reason most of us are still so unfulfilled is because we have chosen not to honour the gifts that God has put within us, thereby hindering Him from blessing us and making us blessings.

Whatever your gift is, please do yourself a favour today and begin to treat it special and with honour and you will be amazed how far it will take you.  So yes, everything else is great, but when it comes to living your dream, begin to treat your gifts with honour and you will be amazed at how enhancement will come to it.

You will make it NeverTheless.

Sistar B

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