Monday, January 2, 2012


Congratulations people!

We made it into another year, according to the calendar of man.  For most of us this is a significant time as we set out to make all those resolutions in the hope that something will turn out better and differently this year.  I share your enthusiasm and pray that it works out just the way we have hoped.   

Someone sent me an email on New Year’s eve and part of it read
"I hope 2012 is your best year ever, although of course we both know that hope is not a strategy, and it is kind of an empty gift box"
Hmm, okay do I agree that hope is not a strategy?   No! I do not agree, hope really is a strategy, and it is not an empty gift box either?   Hope is the strategy for those who are relying on someone greater than themselves to see them through, hope is an ability to have an expectation even when we don’t know how we will proceed.  Hope is a friend of dreamers, it is hope that gets us going when we are yet to see a manifestation of what we dream. Within hope there is a lot to be discovered and there is a lot that can be achieved!

My take is that hope is the reason why that box will be filled, it is the reason why you have put your pen to paper and made your list of New Year resolutions, but most importantly hope is the reason why you will not be ashamed at the end of this year.

What I am trying to say is that the New Year brings with it the OPPORTUNITY for a do over.  And for me a do over is hope that makes not ashamed.  The issue will be what are we willing to do with this opportunity?  where your dreams are concerned, today is an opportunity to push a little harder than you did last year, it is an opportunity to hope harder than you did last year.

Your dreams can come true, but we all need to wake up already! Go beyond the intentions of all the stuff that you want to do, and just do the very first one.  I will use this opportunity to remind us that until you do it is still just an idea in your head and you can never take credit for it!

Take a look at your list today and commit to doing just one of those things and you will be amazed how good it feels to accomplish a task.  I also will recommend that we each have someone to whom we will be accountable.  Someone who reminds us of what we had intended to do, and demands that we do it!

I picked someone I will rather not let down and she has helped me accomplish most of my goals!  Just thinking that she will be asking me in a few days about my book, I am sitting in front of my computer writing the final chapter, as soon as this blog post goes up!

 So yes, maybe hoping is not the be all end all of living your dream this year, but hope plus action, plus accountability can take you far beyond your intentions.

So rather than allow your list of resolutions and to do to get you, start and be accountable to someone you respect and appreciate their input and no matter what happens remember hope is not an empty gift box, it is filled with whatever you hope to fill it with!

You will make it NeverTheLess.  I promise.


Sistar B

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