Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Hello, how are you?  Trust life is treating you well.  How have you fared in 2012 and what have you done to ensure that you have a fantastic year ahead of you?

Sorry this post is two days late. It is definitely not how I want to deal in 2012, I promise.  I have been travelling and this put a bit of a lull on the pace at which I would have loved to move this week.  As I type I am still jetlagged but I have an obligation to you, and that is why I am seated here in front of my computer.  I do hope you will find today’s post useful.

Last Sunday in church, my Pastor pointed out that the hardest part in a bid to dream lofty dreams and create great value is not in conceiving the idea, nor is it a lack of certainty of what it will look like when it eventually manifests.  The hardest part of living a dream is the gap between the idea or vision and the manifestation of the same.

Like I mentioned this post didn’t go up on Monday because I and one of my sisters had to travel, to meet my Coach and friend in South Africa.  We knew that the at end of our time together in South Africa with Coach Anna McCoy we will return with clearer insight and ways to live our dreams and make impact for God, in 2012.

However, with the “Occupy Nigeria” issues at home and all the other emotional hang-ups that a woman can have, by Sunday I had become apprehensive of making the trip.  Apprehension set in because I had to leave my entire family behind with no woman at home to even cook for them; half of me felt irresponsible.

I was apprehensive because Labor and Pressure groups had ordered that a strike be embarked upon through out the Federation.  Rumours of all kinds were flying and at some point I started to wonder if it was safe to leave my family at this crucial time.   There was also the case of how will I get to the airport, and what if the airports are shut down?

Between when I had agreed to go on the trip and the time I boarded the plane I kept wondering if I shouldn’t just stay back at home.  Too many questions and no answers!  In my apprehension I forgot some important items I was supposed to take with me on the trip.

Please remember that I was convinced that this trip was God ordained, and will be of immense value to me.  But it didn’t stop me from wondering about the process.

If you have a dream in your heart or are living a dream, I am sure you can identify with my feelings.  Not knowing for sure how the process will unfold can be the reason you refuse to step out or forget to pack the right tools you need for the trip.

Fast forward, finally getting out of the house and after enduring an over six hour flight, and bam!  I meet with Coach. In that moment I realized that all the hassle to be able to travel, and all the apprehension was always meant to lead me to such a loving and honoring presence again, not to mention the new alliances for Kingdom expansion that this was yielding!

In the words of my husband Mark, as I contemplated to the trip; “it is a done deal”. Your dream even though you are filled with uncertainties and apprehension, is a done deal in God.  It will come together. What you require and you must and should do, is step out and the hindrances will give way and life will begin to make room for you.

The world needs what you carry, and if you will just step out in faith, you will make it NeverTheLess.

I feel we must pray today; Father please collapse the gap between our ideas and their manifestations in Jesus name.


Sistar B


  1. This is indeed interesting. By the mouth of 2 witnesses let the word be established. I just finished posting my blog for the week and came over to find how you are doing at SA - guess what. We have both been writing about pursuing dreams. I join you at the place of prayers!!!

  2. Waoh! Will quickly head over to yours to catch an update. Thanks for stopping by my sister and yes we must pray, and will continue to pray. Hugs