Monday, June 11, 2012


I am sure you know that movie. I have personally seen it a great number of times than I dare to admit.  Sometimes I seem to get the story, other times, it seems like I have no clue what it is about.  What I can remember though is that each of the women portrayed in the movie had dreams in their hearts and they were all waiting to be able to say that the dream had come to pass.

For one, it was holding on to her past while not appreciating the present nor being able to acknowledge that the past was just that; past.  For the other, it was a bold step to move on, with all the fear that comes with wanting to move on and combined with the reality that it is not that easy.  She had to cope with the anger and the shame and ridicule that come with a dream falling apart, and also the uncertainty of stepping on to live another dream.

What about the one who was busy chasing the dream which had nothing to do with her? She knew what she was holding on to wasn’t the dream, she was just too afraid to release it, just incase…  Then there is the one who even though had a life others envied could not appreciate her dream life for what it is, but kept under valuing her true worth.

Thinking about this movie today as I wait for my dream to reach the place where all just comes together and I don’t have to worry about a thing any more, I realise that the dream life, is not a destination.  It is a process and no matter what stage we are in, we need to find a way to enjoy where we are.  Life may be easier if it all fell into place right now, but that doesn’t mean that it will be more meaningful.

I am remembered of another classic “Waiting For Godot” by Samuel Beckett, where the characters wait and wait and wait in vain for someone who had already come and gone without them noticing he had.

My point today is that the highpoints of our dreams should not be when we feel right or think everything is going well.  The high point should be that today we have another opportunity and rather than waiting for it to come together, before we celebrate, maybe with every baby step we make, we should stop and celebrate the fact that we moved beyond where we were previously.

Today, I got to the office waiting to exhale then I remembered that I may have to wait for godot and not know when he comes around, so I renewed my mind and decided to enjoy the journey even when I have to climb the mountains too. 

Living your dream or living a purposeful life is not devoid of challenges, but it is also such a long trip that holding our breath for when it is okay to exhale can do more harm than good.

So my counsel to all the Dream Chasers out there? Let down your hair, even if nothing positive happened today by your estimation, at least you are in the place of your dream and that alone is worth exhaling for! So step away from your desk or the things that annoy, take a deep breath and just exhale.  How did that feel? Now back to work.  You will make it NeverTheLess. I promise, we will make it.


Sistar B

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