Monday, June 18, 2012


Welcome! How was your weekend? Mine went up and down, but thank God for up again.  On today’s post I will like to take on something we have all heard and been told is not good for us. 

Do you remember how we have all used the expression, ‘talk is cheap?’  Well! That is what I will like to talk about today.  It seems everywhere I go, I tend to come across people who are setting out on one long dream trip but are not quite sure if what they have will take them to their destination.  I also see a lot others who have an idea what they want to do, but they are not again clear on the steps; not sure what should come first and what should follow.

Well, this post is for those of us in this category.  Somehow, even though the so called gurus will refuse to admit it, we all have had our unclear dream day, when we knew that something was wrong with the picture we had painted but just could not put a finger on it.

My antidote today is not as high tech as some of you may want, it may be too simple for others, but please try it and let me know who your dream has impacted, because I can guarantee that it most definitely will change something in the way that you dream.

  1. Talk More About Where You Want To Go – I find that there is nothing that brings clarity like talking to someone about where you want to go. Now you will think I am talking about sharing your dream with someone else who is already living their dreams, but this is not necessarily the case.  Believe me, there is so much in everyone that you meet- even when they are not doing something with it- that you can tap from.  Sometimes, when I am not sure what to do I speak with my children.  Sometimes with very educated people, sometimes with even market women.  There is always something that they are able to point out that may or may not have a direct bearing on what I am doing, but brings to the  fore something that has been hidden in the shadows but will help me get where I need to go! 
  2. Be Objective - One on the hardest things for me to do, is hear people tear my ideas to shreds or make negative points about what I want to do. In the past, the fear of hearing others say negative things about what I am sharing made me always clam up and not share.  But as I have grown in what I do, I find it actually refreshing to hear the ideas that others have to proffer.  I am open minded and objective enough now to recognise that what they have to offer may be the key and solution that I seek, so I am open minded.

The idea is that in the end they may contribute something very meaningful, other times their contributions may be queries that you have been afraid to look into, and at other times just talking with them brings clarity to the dark parts of your dream.  Irrespective of how talking to others may impact, remember that in the end the decision to take action still is yours.

Today, yes I know that talk is cheap, but when it comes to living your dream, talk is actually clarity.  Because the more people you will speak to, the more clearly you will see where you need to go and what needs to be done.  Two heads, any day, are still better than one. Talk more about your dream, and you will be amazed how much clarity you can get.

Till next week remember, that no matter where you are, if you persist you will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B

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