Monday, June 4, 2012


Today is a really, really sad day in Nigeria.  The nation has been plagued by untold tragedies since Friday last week. Only God knows what the death toll will end up as, and so I am wondering “what is the point?”  I am not personally affected, but I do know that my husband travels a lot; I have friends and family who get to travel around quite a lot because of work, and this could so easily have been anyone of us.

Most of the people on the Dana Air flight that crashed were living their dream. Some had dream jobs, some had dream businesses, and some were on their way back to their dream families from dream events.  Children with dreams nestled in their hearts were on their way from school for their midterm break. Maybe one of, upon stepping on the plane that fateful afternoon, wondered aloud when he or she will be old enough to fly a plane.  A couple was on their way back from watching one of their own start off a dream life… they left the happy wedding of their niece and didn’t make it home.  They all had dreams.  My heart goes out to their families and friends, may God grant you the grace to rise from these ashes in Jesus name.

Some of these dreams were already being lived; some were still in the early stages of budding, but dreams they were nevertheless.  And that is why I am the first to ask this morning, maybe because I am very sad, that is all the sacrifice made in pursuing a dream really worth it in the end?  What is this life if today we can be here and the next just snuffed out without any notice? 

I ask because someone dear to me, for whom the Aviation industry has always been a dream, called me yesterday saying she was not sure she wants to go to work today, and I could hear the shock and the fear in her voice. 

To answer my own question, yes, it is worth it!  We all are talking about Dr. Levi Ajuonuma, and at least we can attest to some extent that he made his mark.  From his days on National Television, we can tell that he enjoyed what he was doing, which he died doing. So as sad as it is, we know that he lived his life doing what he loved to do!

As fearful and as stressed as we are right now, we can from this ashes and despair pull out hope for ourselves.  Remember that the days we have on earth are not in anyway guaranteed and that the call home can happen anytime. If and when it is our turn, as much as we don’t want it to be, yet as inevitable as it is; what will we do when we stand before the one who made us?

Will you say you left any imprints upon the sands of time?  Will your life have impacted and contributed anything at all?  Living a dream is never about the dreamer alone.  Yes, there is fulfillment in it for me, but more than that is the fact that we will give an account to the one who has put us here on earth and even the world must know that we came this way.

That is why my submission today, is that yes it is really black out there, we are struggling to see where we are going, pain and fear seek to cripple us, but we must not let them!  One of my brothers is on a plane to Abuja for work this morning, and it is not that there is no fear; but despite the fear we must continue to pursue our dreams.

Rather than let grief cripple me, I choose to get back on the saddle and say, yes, it may be risky out there, but that is the essence of living.  May our dreams not die without being lived by and through us in Jesus name.

I know it is hard right now, but I also know that after this dark night, we will see the light shining through.  We will make it, whether in the flesh or otherwise, we will make it NeverTheLess.

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs

Sistar B

As an aside, please can we learn to be a lot more sensitive on Social Media?  The way some of us handled and are still handling these tragedies is less than desirable to say the least.  Always remember that at the receiving end is another human being like you with sensibilities and emotions.  We are all hurting; the people, government and the Airline, please let us be sensitive the way we circulate information, especially when we have no way of confirming their authenticity.

God bless you!

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