Monday, June 25, 2012


Brand new week, brand new mercies!  Welcome.

Last week I posted on talking about your dream to bring clarity especially when you are not sure what the process should be and what should come first.  Looking at the responses by mail to me, I am minded to post today on the ethics of talking about you or your dream.

I know a few people who seize every opportunity to launder their image in the name of talking about their dreams or letting people recognise how good they are at what they do.  Here is where the expression "talk is cheap" very apt.  When in my last post I said talk for clarity, I didn't mean that we become a nuisance and not allow those around the opportunity of a breather because we want to talk about what we are doing.  I meant if you are not sure, then it is a good time to share with others so you can become clear.

I personally take exceptions though to times when people monopolize conversations to tell me how good they and their products or services are.  When we get into the territory of letting everyone know how good we are, the cardinal rule is let your product or service do the talking. 

A wise person once said, if you have to tell people how important you are, maybe you really are not that important.  To that absolute gem of wisdom, if you have to tell others how great your products and services are, maybe it is time to actually concentrate on making the experience people have around your product and service that great, so they can be the ones who go around telling their circle how great you are!

I know it is great business sense to advertise, but let's be honest for a moment how many of the adverts out there actually represent the truth of their products and services.  Last week, I had a meeting within the premises of a certain hotel and the person who greeted us at the gate says 'welcome to the best hotel in...' I couldn't help laughing, because the person welcoming me to the best hotel was doing so with a frown!

I will rather he smiled at me and said nothing and I will go on to give voice to the way his welcome made me feel, than his announcing his perceived position to me without providing me with commensurate enjoyment of his facility. 


Before you claim the number one spot even without the permission of your competition, take time out to ensure that when I show up at your shop, business premises or I come across your product, I have an experience that can confirm your claim.

All in all, I am saying that people may forget what you say to them, but they can never forget how you make them feel.  Your dream brings you fulfillment, but it is never about you, it is about the experience and impact it will have on others.  So stop talking now, and begin to work to ensure that your product and service will speak for itself.

Till next week, never forget, that even the dream of becoming number one is achievable, as long as you focus on the customer or client than on your own ego.  You will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B


  1. Beautiful reminder.
    Very educative too.
    Thank you.

  2. Most of us who provide goods and services need to practice this. Thank you.

  3. Great reminder. Action does speak louder than words.

  4. Thanks @ Ngozi, @ Tola and @ Hidden Treasures. Yes, if we spend that huge advertising and image laundry budget and giving quality service we will most definitely be better off for it. Thanks for stopping by here, you are loved and appreciated!