Monday, July 16, 2012

It Is Worth It!

Welcome!  It is only a few daylight hours into my birthday and I am overwhelmed.  The calls, text messages, Facebook messages and emails have poured in from all over the world!  And I mean that literally!  With each message, each text and each call, I cannot but ask myself; “why do these people even know about me? Why do they remember me?”  I take a look back over twenty years ago when I graduated from the university with no clue in the world who I was meant to become. I reflect on the search high and low; looking for the thing that will satisfy!

And I look at myself today, and I see how God can take a nobody who discovers His purpose for her and begin to spin something so grand it terrifies in a good way! 
Who knew those days running around in Bendel State, Nigeria, now Edo State that there was a place for me anywhere near recognition?  Who knew that in all the ignorance and naivety God had deposited something that needed to come out? Who knew? (Apparently God knew)

I go back to twelve years ago when I took the first step towards purpose. I remember the trepidation then and the trepidation even today when I have to step forward. I remember the frustrations of when things didn’t seem to be working. I remember the number of times I made costly mistakes while in growth. I remember all the scarring that one had to take to prepare; and today all that I can say is that it is so worth it!

Living your dream will not be easy. Living your dream will not be clear a great deal of the time. Living your dream will look like you’re going nowhere sometimes, and the number of times you are alone may outnumber the times you have people with you!
However, in the end, it will all be worth it!  If what I have experienced today is anything to go by, I can tell you that it will be worth it!  I will like to reproduce two messages that came in this morning, one from my blood brother another from my adopted brother, and you will see that it is worth it.  Yes! It is so worth it!

Here is the chief captain of my family, who charted a cause and navigated all the huddles for a better future. U are my sister, mother and a friend, if given a second chance, I will be your brother just the way I am today. You wore the shoes of the leadership of this family and you have done great things beyond human comprehension. It might not be your choice but you took the challenge in all fairness not questioning God and made the best out of it.   Thank you for your love and friendship. God bless you.   I love you. HAPPY Birthday MAMA.  

Happy Birthday to you ma.  You have been an inspiration to a lot of us.  I know for sure that if my biography will be written, your name will appear on every page.  You taught me some of my very first lessons in life and ministry.  For this and many more, I say thank you and ultimately Happy Birthday, big Sista. Enjoy your day.

Folks no matter the pain right now, it is so worth it!
Sistar B

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