Monday, July 9, 2012


We are in the thick of planning another of our Annual Conferences; The Return of The Helper (ROTH), and as with every year since inception, we have tried to push the envelope to see what room will be made for us.   Recently, I heard a very wise man (in my opinion) say that you never get what you deserve but what you can negotiate.  So this year, we are not just pushing the envelope we are asking that room be made for us!

In the spirit of pushing the envelope, living your dream and growing, the question then becomes do you think there is space for you? Do you believe that you deserve what it is that you are asking for?  Do you believe that there is room at the top for you?

With every dream, there will be those times when you feel an uncertainty and a hesitation that maybe, just maybe you now have all that you can and should get.  Every one of us does behave like that.  But do you want to know something I am finding out these few days before ROTH 2012? It is the fact that there is always room at the top.  Your place was always reserved, the reason you are not getting it is probably because you have never even bothered to ask yourself if you want it.   Or maybe you want it but have decided that it is not meant for you.  There is always room at the top.

So how do you go about getting your rightful place at the top? 

            .               Believe for yourself that you deserve it.  I struggle with the feeling that I don’t deserve stuff sometimes, or even let others tell me what I deserve or don’t deserve. But I am through with all that! I shout it at the roof top today, I truly deserve the best, and if there is room at the top, I want it, I deserve it, and I am willing to pay the price! 
            .                  Surround yourself with others who tell you that you truly deserve it.  Why do you want to hang out with those who only see your limitations?  It is time to change where you hang out and with whom.  Pick those, who are not flattering you, but truly believe that you have what it takes and are even willing to hold your hands till you are confident to walk the road alone.
           .                     Next time before you negotiate, ask yourself, do I deserve it? Give yourself five reasons why you deserve it!  This is not been immodest; this is being true to yourself and standing up to be counted.  

So do you wonder if we deserve room at the top this year with the Conference?  Oh Yes! We do! Want to know why we deserve room at the top? Well for a start, we organize and bring to our participants a classy and enjoyable event, we also plan impact and God helps us deliver impact!  Our participants can tell that at the end of every event, it is always clear that they were on our mind all the while.

So yes! We are moving up, because we know that we not only deserve it, our track record tells the story and honestly, we are about the people we serve! Move over, that is our place at the top.

What about you? Is there room at the top for you? You will make it NeverTheLess.

Sistar B


  1. This real good! I shake off the doubts. I shake off resistance. I choose to push further. There is room at the top for me. I am designed for a unique position at the top. Thanks for this encouragement!

  2. Thanks Irene for stopping by every time. Yes! There is room at the top for us all, if we will only ask for our place and be willing to pay the price to get there. God bless you!Hugs!

  3. So True, I do not know what that thing is that seems to have been programmed into our minds as women, that makes us second guess God on how high he wants to take us....Like one of my fav songs says, 'There is a King' in each one of us and he does not dwell in us to stay in the low places....Thanks Bidemi for this......I am planning, praying and preparing for the 21st.....

  4. My Sista DNW, I think sometimes it is what we have heard over time, or the fact that there is a possibility of failure. However, honestly, we should all just close our eyes and hearts to all the noise and reach for the Stars and beyond. Truly there is a King in each of us waiting to come out big time! Looking forward to seeing you on the 21st. Hugs