Monday, July 2, 2012


I have been running and working so hard at my dream that I didn’t even realise that I had run out of steam and was running on an empty tank.  It took a trip outside Lagos, for three days to see how we can be so distracted being focused on our dreams that we do ourselves harm.

The thing is that we are working on our dream and there is nothing as important as getting our dream right! At least on this page, nothing compares to the fulfillment and satisfaction that we can derive from living our dream… Afterall, it is the reason why we are.  However, I find, all of a sudden, that what gives me the greatest joy started to cause me the greatest pain, which is not new really. What was new however, is the fact that this time; I couldn’t find a place in me to draw strength from at all!  And I realise, that I am burning out trying to live my dream.

So here are a few tips I have for you when you begin to feel that you are burning 

  •           Step away from it all. Even if for one day, go somewhere no one will ask you to buy diesel, where no one will ask you to review any  document… If you must go there with your phone screen your calls. Leave all business related matters behind and just focus on renewing and refreshing yourself.
  •        Renew your mind by taking time out to think about other stuff different from what your dream is about.  I took time off, attended a Conference that had nothing to do with Publishing and I generally just went around for two days without a care in the world!  It felt really good I tell you.
  •       Think about what might be causing your burnout.  Maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew or you have allowed other aspects of your life to seep in and distract you from that which you are doing.  In my case, I was totally distracted by someone’s bad attitude amongst other stuff.
  •       As your time alone is winding up decide what changes you may need to make to allow you breathe even as you walk/work on your dream.  I have decided that once we are done with the Conference we have coming up, we will (my team and I) take one week off to unwind. 
  •          Look for something else you are also passionate about that is not as tasking and consuming as this dream and take short breaks to do it.  For me, I love to cook so I am taking cooking breaks, not to just cook for my household, but to create food others can enjoy while I relax and enjoy them enjoying my creation.  Who knows where this can lead!
  •          Read a novel for a change!  I am going to take time out and read a novel, with nothing in mind but just to enjoy myself.

What will you do to take a breather?  You need it, I can assure you, you do need it.  Till next week, remember that even in taking action, sometimes being quiet and resting is part of the action you need to take.
You will make it NeverTheLess.
Sistar B

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