Monday, August 6, 2012

Heartfelt Appreciation! (ROTH 2012)

Hello people! 

Been missing from this page, I know; too much to do with so little time. We were in the middle of our annual conference and between the planning leading up to the events and all the other aspects of life that never stop for one to catch up; I was forced to take a break from writing this blog.  It was to give attention to urgent and timed issues and I am glad that it all went well and we can report a resounding success!

Today’s post is just to appreciate all those who God released to be on board this year to help with the planning and execution of ROTH conference.  And to say a big thank you for being my support and to buttress what I had said on this page before that no vision or dream can happen with the dreamer and the visioneer alone.
There are and will always be helpers of destinies and the more you have around you, the more impact you will be able to make.  In my case, I had my extremely supportive husband, Mark, who never says to me that my dream is too huge!  I see how overwhelming execution can be sometimes, but I salute today your grace in helping fight through till we arrive at the destination, thank you!  I love you so much it is hard to say, sometimes!

My fabulous Sistas: Audrey, Ini, Inyang, Enife, Nneka, in no particular order, for all that you do to pull me up and for getting under the load with no questions and no agenda other than to see me excel in my calling, how can I say thank you?  Words will not work, so please feel my heart and know that ROTH 2012 will not have happened but for you, and I mean every word! Hugs, big time!!!!

Remi, my Editor, sister and friend, for all the ways you worked so hard, and I was scared you might break down but you didn’t; for all the innovation you bring to add value, thank you. God Himself will repay you, because I cannot.  This I need you to never forget, you always have a place in my heart!

Blessing, Toyin, Nancy and Nelson, my trustworthy crew who practically ensured that water came out of rocks, thanks for enduring me and for giving your very best.  Judah, the Praise Team money couldn’t bring together, thank you for lending your gift to my dream!  You are loved and appreciated!   My beautiful ushers Folake, Chika, Ame, Nneka, Dupe and Feyi.  God bless you! Help will never be far from you!

These next set of people, I will only classify as ‘the husbands’, for giving us the authorization to go and be a blessing. Thank you so much for believing in us and in a God who does extra ordinary things with ordinary people. Thank you for keeping the faith! May you never miss your way!

Bokang! All the way from Southern Africa! You are so loved!  How can you see a light so dim and get on a plane to find it?  Thank you for coming, your days with us will forever be cherished, and please know that we do not take your charge to us lightly; we will work for the next generation. We promise, we will teach them how to win in God!
Everyone who dipped in their wallets, accounts and purses to make this year grand, thank you so much, may your seed yield a harvest unprecedented!  

Liz, all the way in Abuja Nigeria, you heard the call and answered so that we could take God’s charge to the women in the city where justice will be released for our nation, thank you so much for your obedience.  Never forget, God has His eye on you! You will do great things! Of course and you: Precious and Iyedele! Dayo, thank you so much!

Coach Anna and Mama Linda, (Ambassadors of the brand Nigeria) how can I love on you but to ask God to never allow His presence be removed from you?  For giving so much, Nigeria is grateful, we love and thank you!

To my family who took time off their lives to stand with me in faith, thanks for your vote of confidence.  To my sisters in the United States who kept the prayer touch burning, your sacrifice can never be in vain! Nigeria thanks you.

To all who left their Saturdays open to spend with us, thank you so much for listening to God’s tug on your heart.  Never forget that you are indeed Designed For Success! You will make it NeverTheless! 

Sistar B

More pictures from ROTH Conference


  1. Thanks Coach! Got the best Coach in the world! Don't you think?