Tuesday, August 14, 2012

JOSHUA: Ten years later.

My third child turns ten today and I cannot but think back to this time ten years before, I cannot help but reflect on all that surrounded the pregnancy, and ultimately, his birth.  How can I forgot that I could so easily have died that day in the delivery room and that my husband could also have died on his way back from the hospital that morning but for the mercy of God!

All these reflections have done something for me. Yes, they have put me in the season of gratitude, to not only be alive to witness his tenth birthday but also to witness the grace and creativity that God almighty has packed into him.  I cannot forget that through that pregnancy, if God didn’t intervene, I was so sure that I was going to die. But then God had mercy on me and I am still here today, and hopefully will be here to see him go to Secondary School, University, marry and even have his own children.  My prayer is that I will be here.

Reflecting today made me ask God a question that I had not dared to ask Him before, “Lord, can you look at me today and say it was worth your while saving me from physical death that fateful day?”  I have no idea what His reply is or will be, but I so hope He is smiling right now and saying yes, Bidemi, it is so worth it!  I hope so!
This reflection made me think about my children and wonder if they ever ask that question; if they, being my children, have been worth my while. Thinking that, had I died that day of his birth, they will all be huddled together with their father reading another one of the many letters that I write for each special day, I decided to share Joshua’s tenth birthday letter.

Dear Joshua Chibunor Isiioluwakiiti,

Happy Birthday.

My son, the one God told me He will use on the government mountain.  As you celebrate ten years today, isn’t it great that your daddy will make all the effort to get a cake and all your aunties and uncles are fussing over you?  It is wonderful to feel this special isn’t it?  Well, you are not meant to just feel special, because you truly are special!  I remember that at about five months being pregnant with you, God told me you were going to be a very effective person in government, and I know now that it is because that is one mountain that has been messed up greatly by the world system.

Today I want you to recognise that you are not another ordinary child, you are God’s ordained one on assignment, and I know He will ensure that you don’t miss your destiny!  From today, begin to prepare for the greatness that will come out of you, begin to ask God in your private prayer time to show you who will be your friends, who will walk with you and how you should speak.  Too early!  I can hear your aunty Evelyn say, but she knows it is never too early.  My son, God has work for you to do, and as long as you get that right, I know you will get everything else right.

I know your daddy doesn’t stop praying for all threeof you , and I know that his prayers are effective because he is in tune with God’s plan for you.  Josh, as you prepare to leave home for college, always remember who you are and where you came from.  When you are not sure what to do; always remember that God is only a prayer away.

Today I want to remind you of your name: ISIIOLUWAKIITI. It means that the opening of the Lord can never be shut.  I want you to always remember that whatever door you knock on and doesn’t open, isn’t God’s door for you, because that which He has ordained for you will always come to pass and no man will be able to stop you from going in.  I love you so much and I am honoured to have been the one who carried you in her womb! I love you.

Your Mother

Of course, I didn’t die but I am still really honoured to be the one who gave birth to this greatness in seed form. 
As parents and dreamers, let us all ponder today, will God be able to say that it was worth His while releasing that dream or child in your care? Think about it.  will it be worth anyone’s while having you in their lives?

You will make it Nevertheless

Sistar B

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