Monday, August 20, 2012

Where's Your Calling Card?

We had just disembarked at our destination and we had run into someone who was very interested in what we do and wanted proof.  My Coach turned to me and asked “Bidemi do you have a copy of Effectual?”…and as has been my answer to that question almost every time I have been asked lately, No, I didn’t have a copy.  She reached into her bag and brought out the copy she had with her and we handed it to the gentleman.  I cannot begin to tell you the return that simple gesture has brought our way.

Not one to miss a teaching or coaching moment, once we were settled in the car on our way to the hotel, my coach turned to me and said “Do you know what it is you have Bidemi? Effectual is your calling card, you should never go anywhere without copies of it in your bag!”  I do make it a habit of having them in my car, but somehow, I never remember lately to have copies in my bag for when I cannot reach my car.

The point of today’s post is that until you birth and nurture your first gift, you may never have something to point others in the direction of what you can do for them, or the value you bring to the table.  I find that most people change their tone or reaction to me, once they see what it is that I have produced.  

 Here are a few tips on how to ensure that whatever you do is an appropriate and effective calling card.

1.       Identity what you want to be known for. 

2.      Carve a niche of excellence in that one thing.  My opinion is that you need to be first really good at the one thing before you branch off to all the other things that you can do.  How do you want to prove that you can deliver excellently?

3.   Know your craft!  It is important that you learn the craft complete with the language of what obtains in your industry.  Expertise comes with a proficiency in skill.

4.      Don’t be too modest to let other people know what you have got to contribute.  (I suffer from this modesty that doesn’t work!)  It is not a call to be rude or brash but understand that you are worth something and be willing to use it to the end of gaining the opportunity to add more value.

5.      Get better even when you know you are good at what you do.  Ask for feedback and respond accordingly.  Be grateful for the feedback you receive and give credit when implemented.

Over to you. What is your calling card? Are you proud to show and tell? 

Till next time, remember no one ever won a medal from watching on the sidelines… medals are won by players, and proficiency at the game qualifies the athlete for participation in the big play.  It is time to get in the play.

You will make it NeverTheless… you will make it!


 Sistar B

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