Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Refined by Trouble?

Welcome!  It has been extremely hard coming to this page lately; first I went on a very short vacation and then came down with the flu.  So sorry I couldn’t post anything last week, and this week is coming late.  Life happened and I had to go with the flow.

Even today, someone has asked me how they will know what it is that they are here for.  And it seems I am running out of answers because it seems so easy to find what you are on earth for some, while for others it seems to be the hardest thing that there is to resolve.

Anyhow, one thing that is common to everyone who has asked me recently how they can find out their purpose is TROUBLE! Yes, I mean trouble.  Difficulties, challenges, etc.  A lot of us when everything is well do not bother to stop and think about the possibility that even though we are doing something, it may not be what we really should be doing.  Somehow, it seems that it is in the day when trouble hits that we suddenly receive the revelation that we just might have been living outside our ordained purposes.  Hmmm!

I therefore concede that trouble does seem to have its advantages then.  Rick Warren, in his book The Purpose Driven Life, actually said “every problem is a character building opportunity.”  Not only have I seen that trouble has the capacity to refine us character-wise, I also see that it helps us look beyond our present and begin to find ways to live meaningful lives.

So as we begin to round off 2012 gradually, what are you thinking about 2013?  What are your plans, have you started reviewing 2012? 
Maybe the first question you will want to ask is; what has been your greatest setback? What hasn’t worked at all?

Setbacks spell trouble so let’s take time and review ours, take a sheet of paper and write it out. Why did it happen? What needs to change? Who may you need to be more around? Is it something you can do without in the New Year? If not, is it possible that you can refine it?

I guess what I am trying to put out on today’s post is that the year is winding down and a lot might have happened in your favour and a few things the other way round.  For those already living their dreams, what trouble did you see this year that can help you build better business character next year?  It will be fool hardy to wait until the 2013 before we begin to move.

Look at it again; that it is trouble doesn’t mean it has no use. Find out its significance and explore it in the interest of your dream.

Till next week, remember, every trouble is a character building opportunity, and in spite of it, as long as you hold on long enough, you will make it! Yes, you will! 


Sistar B


  1. It's interesting that this week's post is about trouble. These past few weeks have been very challenging and it's been hard to hold onto the truth that God knows best, He's working everything out in my favour and I will come through to the other side.
    Just this morning, I was going to ask 'why me? And then I thought 'why not me?' Doing all the 'right' things doesn't mean I should be immune from trials. I decided there and then to ask instead, what the lesson is from all this. One thing's for sure, I'm not letting go of Him now. Even if I never understand why, I'm signed up for the long haul.

  2. Yes! I love the attitude @born2bebeautiful, if only we could go through life and never have to sweat anything, but if that happens what will be the use for our sweat glands? This one thing I do know and I am glad you also know is that all things even trouble work together for our good according to God's purpose in Christ Jesus.

    We indeed are signed up for the long haul... and this too shall pass. Hugs