Monday, November 5, 2012


Welcome to a new week, as I pray new Blessings your way in Jesus name!  Hope your weekend went well, mine was full and insightful, plus I had my children home for about six days and it was a joy to have a full house again even though for only six days.

Last week I was at an event and a lot of what we call “old school music” was played and the line “one is only poor only if they choose to be …”from Dolly Parton's Song, “Coat of Many Colours”, stuck with me.    the more I thought about this line, the clearer the truth became to me.  Yes, one is poor only if he chooses to be.  God has endowed us with so much in talent and experience that if we will take the time to consider what it is we have been given and find a way to express our gift, then we cannot literarily be poor.

The line also had me thinking about what poverty really is?  As for the song writers, being rich was not about how much money they had but about the attitude with which they viewed that which they had and by the use they were able to put that which they had.  So before we even continue the exercise from last week, let me encourage us to check our attitude.  Ensure that somehow, our attitidue is one of gratitude. Setbacks or no setbacks, we are still here, which means we have the opportunity to right whatever may have gone wrong.

So while I am asking that we review our year to ascertain what we can do to have a better next year, it will be great to ensure that we have the right attitude while reviewing.  Remember you are only as poor as you choose to be. Whatever worked this year can be better, just as whatever we may think didn’t work may appear different if we looked with the right attitude; one which sees every glass as half full rather than half empty. 

Today's question is; “what worked really well?”  What did you do in 2012 that worked? How did it positively affect your bottom line?  Take time out and replay it all in your mind, write out the high points, speak to members of your team ask them why they think that particular idea, principle, whatever it is worked.  Write it all down and then take it a step further and ask yourself, how you can adapt the process that gave so much success into next year’s running and operations.  The idea is to repeat what was successful, and find a way to adapt it where things didn’t work if possible, to ensure you have a blue print for next year.

For us at Effectual Magazine, one thing that has worked really well is how we have been able to keep our content fresh and impactful so that the magazine is it’s own chief marketer.  We want to take that same attitude of keeping it fresh into our marketing and hopefully our market share will increase considerably.  Something else that has worked in our favour is the collaborative efforts we have made to add value to both our work and our readers and we intend to do our best to keep them going and possibly forge more of such alliances in 2013.

The idea behind this series of posts is to ensure that we don’t walk into 2013 blindly, trying to find our way while others are off and running.  Part of what you may need to do might be to learn some additional skills to enhance your performance.  Now is the time to identify those courses and begin to put together a plan to enroll and follow through.

Every dream needs to evolve and it is my hope that with the right attitude and with the mindset that there is gold right where your mine is, you will be able to position yourself for a great 2013.  

No matter what happens, no matter how hard it is to go through with these reviews, never forget that you are only as poor as you choose to be and with that kind of attitude and doing the right thing, who says you cannot make it?  You can and you will make it NeverTheLess.


Sistar B

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