Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Your Behaviour Vs Your Belief


Welcome!  It is a brand new month and I am so sorry this week’s post is a day late.  Was traveling and needed some rest.  Anyhow, I am sure you had a great weekend and are back into your week to take full charge of your destiny.

My country Nigeria turned 52 and while it seems there is nothing to celebrate, I do think we all by now know how not to be a nation.  And while learning how not to be a nation, I am pretty sure that some of us may have learnt how to be one.  No matter what happens, I am a firm believer in the greatness that is Nigeria and I know that when the time for manifestation comes, we will manifest in Jesus name.
However, I cannot stop just by my beliefs; there is a need for me to move away from talking about what I believe about Nigeria and doing something about what it.  In Biblical language, it is said “that faith without works is dead”.  This simply means that until our behavior aligns with our beliefs, we are just pushing and peddling dead and idle talk.  Life and dreams go beyond what we believe to achieve, it all goes beyond what our potential or skills say about us.  It is always and will always come down to expressing behavior that aligns with the dreams in my heart.

If your dream is to write a book, then it is time, to stop talking about the content of the book and begin to create it.  The book will continue to remain a figment of your imagination, except you begin to actually write down the words that will make the book.  The English have an expression for those who only talk but never act; it is called building castles in the air!

Our life work and dream work is beyond how grand and lofty our vision is, it is beyond where we hope to end up and it begins with taking the first step towards our dream destination!  The first step may not make headline news, but it is your first step and you should be proud of you!  No other person may notice your first step, but it is your first step in the right direction and you should celebrate it.

For my nation, I know it is time for us to commit individually to uphold the nation that our fore fathers suffered to build!  The nation they were willing to die for.  At the weekend someone told us that if we were unsure what the original idea for our nation is, then we should go back to the original document.  He made us go through the National Anthem and Pledge line by line; and it was very clear again that our founding fathers had a dream for a really great nation.

We all need to ARISE and take the first step towards behavior that aligns with the beliefs upon which Nigeria is founded, if we do, it will not be long before we begin to manifest the greatness that we are!  

For your dream, it is no different, should circumstances have rendered you disillusioned and tired, then it is time to go back to your dream book, what did you write down when you set out?  How excited were you that day? What behavior do you have that aligns with your belief and your vision? What were you doing initially that you are no longer doing?  It is time to awaken, it is time to arise.  Take that first baby step to begin to align your behavior to your belief.  

You will make it NeverTheLess, Nigeria will make it, I not only believe it, I am aligning my behavior to my belief.  Will you?


Sistar B


  1. Another wonderful and inspiring piece my sister. Onwards and upwards I say.

  2. Yes mam! Onwards and Upwards! Thanks for stopping by! You are loved and appreciated!