Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Size Does Not Matter

 She came to see me because she was at the end of her road.  She had lost her job for a while now and had hoped that she will be able to find another one in not too long a time.  So many application letters and interviews later, she still hasn’t gotten another job.  Her savings are gradually getting eroded and still nothing in sight.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t sleeping well and this was beginning to affect her health.  As she spoke, no, lamented her plight, I couldn’t help remembering another conversation we had a long time ago.  She had her job then and she was happy, but she was also sharing with me what she will really want to do with her time, after the job.  I remembered she wanted to run a really small business from home, where she will take care of a few children and have time for her own.  I remember she had plans, she knew what will go in what room, she even had a picture of how the nursery will look like.

So, mid-sentence, I stopped her and asked, “What about the crèche you always wanted to run?”  She stared at me blankly and said, “But that is such a small dream. What will taking care of just a few dozen children achieve for me?  Financially, can it meet my needs? Psychologically, how do I tell people that after the heights I reached in my work life, I am reduced to running a crèche?”

The point of today’s post is this; what is the size of the dream that matters?  How big does the dream need to be for us to realise that it is important?  Have you ever asked someone to share their dream for the future and they respond and say to you, hmmm, well my dream isn’t much really!  Who told you your dream is too small? When you press them, you find that they have a dream that’s beautiful and really important to someone.

The thing about living our dream lives is to, first and foremost, understand that whatever God put in us, no matter how small it may seem, is a solution to someone somewhere.  They tell us that if it’s not too big for us, then it is not Gog. But I have come to say that it doesn’t have to be outlandish to make impact.  Dreams come in different sizes and configurations but I think that more than the size is the impact that it makes.  It may be small but I can definitely tell you that the person to whom it is a solution doesn’t think it small.

Your life matters whether you dreamt and manufactured the first airplane or paper clip. Side by side, the paper clip seems almost ridiculously small compared to the airplane, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the paper clip has its day and use.  If you are in a windy environment, the plane will not hold down your papers, only a paper clip is designed to do that!

I guess what I am saying today is that, it does not matter the perceived size of the dream in your heart, because whether small or big, God put it there to make a difference first in your life and in the lives of other people.

Celebrate the gift in you today, it is the seed for your dream life; and no matter what it is that you have the grace to release remember that it is important and will make impact to those for whom it is designated.  No dream is too small to be relevant. Relevance comes from identifying your audience correctly.
The next time you find yourself static because of size, remember that if you begin small then you may be able to grow it into something big if that is what you are required to achieve.  

Remember, also, that someone is seriously waiting on you to get it so they can begin to move. Whether small or big, your dream is important.

 Nevertheless, it is!


Sistar B


  1. Absolutely briliant blog on the importance of foolwing your dreams. There are plenty of people out ther who want to cut you down to size. Don't help them. Dream often, dream well and then take action!

  2. Yes mam! @born2bebeautiful. Taking action is key. Because the truth is if we don't tomorrow or in future, they are the ones who will laugh at us the most. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! I got BIG BIG BIG Dreams great way to make it plain. God is doing something. I got good news sister B good news. Will have to share!!!

  4. @Shemetris! Thanks for stopping by and here is raising my glass to your dreams and the good news! Cannot wait to hear them! You are loved and appreciated!

  5. nice post thanks for sharing...i found your blog thrue other follower if you might ask ...looking for to visit more...nice to share Gods word thrue our blogs..blessings

  6. @my simple reflections, thanks for stopping back, really! Yes it is a blessing to be able to share God's word through our blogs. Will check out yours as well. Many Blessings!