Monday, November 26, 2012

Your Plan is your Power!

Welcome!  It is amazing that today is the 26th day of November 2012.  Seriously, where did the days go?  Before we know what is happening we will be in 2013 and I can’t help but wonder how many of us are even thinking about the New Year let alone trying to prepare.  

As you may have noticed I have been talking about reviewing the year 2012 to enable us prepare for 2013 on this blog for a few weeks now.  Someone asked me why I was so hung up on what will come in 2013 and my response was that because I have heard that the man with the plan is the man with the power.

So what is your strategy for next year really?  What is it that reviewing 2012 will do for the way you will run next year?  Asking the questions in previous posts what did you learn about yourself and your dream, how will you take that information and utilize it next year?

I had the opportunity to teach at church yesterday and a few things came to my attention on why people don’t plan.  The first is the fact that people actually think that life is something you can fix as it happens.  They say stuff like “I will cross that bridge when I get there.” And while it seems like a plan, it is actually no plan at all! 
Living the life of your dream in 2013 cannot be left to last minute decisions.  I heard a wise man once say that most of the life mistakes we make are made based on the spur of the moment decisions.  What he means is that we go through life just waiting for stuff to happen so we can react.  So our lives are lived in reactionary mode and we wonder why we didn’t hit the objective we had set?

The second thing that caught my attention is that sometimes people claim to have made a plan when what they have actually done is project where they want to end up without looking at how they will arrive there.  Your strategy is beyond what you say you want to do or see, it is about the detailed day by day, bit by bit, step by step intentional thinking through aligning resources and actions with the goals and objectives you have.  

I am simply saying that saying for instance that you want to make money next year is not enough, you need to take it further planning the step by step process by which you intend to make money.  At this point you want to be able to answer questions like:

a.      What specific aspect of your dream can generate income for you?
b.     What are those things that you are required to put in place in making this money?
c.     Who will you need to work with you on this?
d.     How long from start to finish and earning?
e.     What happens in between?

And so on and so forth.  The idea is for you to break down your intention into small bite sizes and begin to work them out, both in your mind and on paper, even before the dawn of 2013.

Remember, he that has a plan has the power, stepping into the New Year with such a detailed and intentional plan gives you the clarity edge compared to the man who just started to make his decisions upon reaching the bridge.

I do know that you will make it, and I am sure a little bit of deliberate and intentional planning will be a plus.  Life is a gift and no matter what we may have seen, if we intentionally put our plans together, God will come and bless them NeverTheLess.  He will…
Sistar B


  1. Thought provoking. I'm going to be honest here and say not planning allows me to fail, without really failing. If I say I want to achieve xyz in 2013 and don't plan for it, when anyone asks me about it, I can say, well, I really wanted to do it, but it just didn't work out. So at the root of my lack of planning is the fear of failure. Don't know how many other people are grappling with that, but sometimes having someone else articulate it, releases you to admit it and start making a change.

  2. @born2bebeautiful. Yes! I know that one! Isn't it amazing how we know all the while that we are not making the effort because we are afraid but pretend we are? Talk about self deception! Hmmm! So what can be done to achieve change... maybe just slice it all into manageable bits and but datelines on them. Even if you don't get to get it all done, at least you will start if you slice them down so they are not as imposing as they can be. Thanks for not just reading, but dropping a line always. You are so loved!