Thursday, February 21, 2013


Welcome!  Sorry this week’s post is coming late, I had a major challenge deciding what to post.  Eventually, I decided to wait and use the opportunity of my older son’s birthday to post a few lessons, I have learnt being the mother of a gentleman in every sense.

Fifteen years ago, Kenechi came into our lives exactly the way we had prayed to God that he will come.  When I got pregnant, we (Mark and myself) started to pray every single day as he developed in the womb.  We prayed specific prayers that aligned with his formation stage in the womb and we asked God for a lot of things and God answered every single one of those prayers.  

Today as he turns fifteen, I take a look at the journey of being his parents and I cannot but say that he has brought us only joy…  today I am thanking God for my firstborn son; Kenechukwu Chinonso David Mordi.  Beautiful inside and outside… so calm sometimes I wonder?  Friend to his siblings, extremely compassionate heart.  I thank God for KK, the public speaker extraordinaire, for the many ways he has accepted us and never hassled us even for the things he wanted and we couldn’t afford or wouldn’t give.

I thank God for the special mind and the ability to retain information that he has given to my first born son.  Today, I don’t see how I deserve to be his mother but I am honoured to be.  

So what lessons can I share from being KK’s mother for fifteen years?
1.       As we prayed and committed his formation and growth and still do today, if you will commit your dreams and aspirations to God, you will be amazed how far you will go.  We are fifteen years today and still counting, that can be your story too.  Prayer waters the ground for our seeds of work to yield a harvest.

2.      Like I mentioned we prayed specifically concerning what we wanted to see in his features and temperament and he is exactly as we prayed.  Concerning your dream, if you will take time to keep deliberately speaking and praying, you will get what you pray for.  We prayed when his nails were forming and when his hair was growing, we prayed about every single part of him forming.  You cannot birth your dream without watering it with prayer.

3.      As his parents we did everything within our capacity to give him a conducive environment to thrive, we told him we loved him when it was needful, we disciplined him when it was required, and we constantly spoke positively about him and his future.  If your dream will make it, you will also be required to give it what is required at every point.

4.      By the time KK was old enough we sent him off to school, where we entered into collaborative efforts with his teachers and school authorities to continue to shape him.  However, we didn’t hand him over and never went back to inspect how he was doing, we kept watch.  When we noticed that he wasn’t thriving, we took him elsewhere.  Your dream is no different, you will have to enlist the help of others along the way, and you will need to keep inspecting what they are doing.  And should you notice your team members are giving the wrong vibes… step in and be the parent.

5.      Finally, we recognise that even though KK is our son, he belongs to God and ultimately to the world to make a difference.  So we tell him; we encourage him to begin to look beyond his needs alone and know that others are depending on him.  We tell him that he is on earth for a PURPOSE and one he must rise to in due season.  Your dream may be birth by you; it has eternal potential to impact lives and generations even after you.  It is your responsibility to position it in a way that it fulfills that specific destiny it carries.  So make sure you know what your dream achieves put alongside eternity.
So, there you have it.  Some of the lessons I learnt from being the mother of a fifteen year old.  I know your dream may differ, but as long as you recognise its importance, and give it ‘your’ best possible, you will make it NeverTheLess.  

Please join me in praying for KK that he will make it NeverTheless.  Happy Birthday son, you are so loved.

Here is to your success

Sistar B

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