Monday, February 11, 2013

My Book, Super Eagles and PUSH

Great week ahead, I dare say! Congratulations to our own dear Super Eagles; re: last week’s post, I did say that the man who has something to prove finds a way to win.  What other way to prove that life principle than having a home based player score the winning goal?  Lesson:  Never underestimate the power of the ‘underdog’.

I have another piece of news and this is both personal to me and a great blessing (even if I say so myself) to everyone who will have the opportunity of laying their hands on this special resource!

My first book ever is now out of Press!  It is titled SISTA POWER and it is about collaborations.  If you ever want to discover how to join forces with others to bring about a collective fulfillment of destiny this book is a must read for you. To order a copy please call 08029056642 or email

Upon the release of Sista Power last week, at least three people did say to me that they were impressed with the discipline with which I take on a project and finish it, and wondered how they can do that too.

At the risk of trivialising their compliments and their concern about themselves, I have this to say; like every one of them, I cannot say I am that focused and disciplined.   Even the best of us can become afraid, discouraged, unsure and much more.  I am no different. 
So what is the solution?  Well, what I can attest to is that I commit and keep doing what it is that I need to get done.  Here are some tips that may help you move your dream along too.

1.       ENVISION THE FINISH LINE:  Just like most members of the Super Eagles may have dreamt of holding the AFCON Cup in their hands leading to the final game, you too must envision the euphoria, fulfillment and sense of accomplishment that finishing will give you.  Smell the environment, hear the compliments and feel the sensation of finishing.  Let that picture be part of your driving force.  I mean, know what finishing can make you feel like.

2.      THINK ON PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Some times when, I am struggling with a current task, I think on the other times in the past when I had felt like I couldn’t do it or go on anymore, yet was able to finish the execution in the end.  Think on how when you eventually finished the task, remember how it felt like and think about the value your finishing added to you and others, and get up and keep going.  I was not in the room when Coach Keshi gave his pep talk to the players, but I am sure he told them that in 1994, it was done, and can be done again.

3.      THINK ABOUT WHAT COULD GO WRONG SHOULD YOU NOT FINISH: This seems like a fear factor, but I mean if the adrenaline that surges through your veins when you think of the worst case scenario of when you don’t finish energises you to go on; it becomes a good thing.  For my book, I kept thinking about how others may never really get to understand what power lies in collaborations and how they can take advantage of it.  I kept thinking about the fact that being a Christian, I will die one day and return to God; how will I face Him to say I didn’t complete the assignment He gave me?  I am sure the Super Eagles knew their reception back home will be warmer and more exciting with a win than with a loss. 

4.      REMEMBER PURPOSE:  As long as you understand that everything you do on earth if you are deliberate is tied to God’s PURPOSE for you.  Then even the task at hand becomes in your sight even more important than you may have thought.  For me writing the book, wasn’t just the next thing to do, I was sure it was part of God’s plan for my NOW, so I had to keep at it.  The Super Eagles could have given up in the initial round of the tournament especially since no one believed in them anyway, but they must have thought, that it was part of God’s plan for their lives for the now!

     Friends, life can be a drag, living on purpose can be hard and laborious, but never forget that it was for such a time as this that you were created.  So just get up and keep going; you will make it NeverTheLess… ask the Super Eagles, success is sweet.
Here is to your success!



  1. thanks for the inspiration Sista B. I know that i can do it too. Congratulations once again for birthing Sista power!

  2. @Ibysness, thanks for stopping by and yes, you can do it! God bless you!

  3. I concure. Well written, and looking forward to reading your book. Keep hitting us with more.

  4. @Patrick, thanks so much for stopping by here. Book will soon reach you. God bless you.

  5. Sis, you know how much I look forward to your weekly posts.

    I love this one. Simple, but fundamental truths on how to achieve your goals. Just because something is simple doesn't mean it's easy to do. You've broken this down for us and these steps will help anyone to be able to achieve their goals.

    You are such a blessing.

  6. Thanks Sis, I have missed your comments here. thanks for always stopping by and I have been to born2bebeautiful too, you are doing great work. Let's get together soon.

    Love always.