Monday, July 18, 2011

Be your own Cheerleader!

Hello people, posts are still short because the conference is this week and God’s mercy sees me through!  Thanks for all your prayers and messages on Facebook especially on my birthday. Woah! Your love was simply overwhelming. 
Thanks to you all.

Now, to the business at hand.  Long time ago, before I even knew how I was going to make impact, I knew I was going to be a useful tool in God’s hands.  I shared the dream with those around me, and some wondered how it was going to happen.  Others wanted to know what plans I had to bring my dreams to pass, yet others wanted to know what credentials I had to qualify to live the dream and then a very minute few, smiled and said to me, ‘it can be done, go for it.’

It has been a long time, I have grown brick by brick, tried to make the difference an inch at a time.  With each step I took, I grew, and with every inch of growth, I dreamt some more. 

While it has been a long and sometimes very slow journey, it has been a great journey, nevertheless.  One thing that has been constant in this journey is that when it seemed no one believed in my dream, when it seemed like no one was willing to cheer me on, I found strength to stand tall and keep believing in myself.

I realized that because I was the one who had dreamt, I may be the only Fan Club necessary to continue to cheer the dream along.  Recently, I had the opportunity to say to myself again, be your own cheerleader.

The Conference was barely a week away, and I realized that those who ought to be standing with me didn’t even believe it was going to happen. I thought to cry, and then I remembered my own counsel, “Bidemi if you slept and dreamt, how is it possible that anyone else will be able to understand your dream more than you do? If they cannot understand it, how do you expect them to believe in it?”

In a few words, be your own cheerleader.  I have no idea what your dream is, but I know you may not be getting all the cheer that you want. What I want to say to you today is that it is okay. That no one believes does not negate the fact that you dreamt. Keep working and one day, they will cheer, even if they didn’t believe.

ROTH is happening, and I am my own cheerleader, because I know what God told me in secret will happen in the open… NeverTheLess.


Sistar B

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