Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello, I trust your past week went as planned.  Welcome to the second half of the year!  Thank you for all the feedback for last week’s post.

Every where I looked in the past couple of days, I see or hear something said or written about the second half of 2011, and I even received a few messages on the significance of this month July.  It has in it five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays!  It is said that this only happens every 823 years, which means for me that it is a good time to be alive! Don’t you think?

As I reflected on my life as incidentally both my wedding anniversary and birthday fall in the month of July, I realized that something was typical; and that is the fact that somehow, my life has been built to this point, for lack of a better expression, ‘brick by brick.’  I have never experienced a windfall as most people say they do, I never got promoted ahead of my class, and I never even received a recommendation before I was due for it.
However, it also dawned on me that the processes I have had to endure and go through not only got me where I wanted to get-and I am still on my way- but it taught me invaluable lessons to the extent that I know for sure if I had to choose between going through the process and just chancing upon a promotion, I will certainly choose the slow, way of process.

The reason is because there is a character that is formed when you have to push through the obstacles that is not conferred upon us in the fast track lane.  What the process builds in the personality makes the journey worth the while and it is no different when you are working a dream or pulling at a vision.

The dream you take the time to pass through process to build is usually the dream that endures and may even outlive its originator.  I look around and I see how everyone wants to be able to achieve everything in one day, and I wonder why God didn’t create the world in a day?

He has all it would have taken to get it done in one day, but instead he chose to do it one at a time.  Wouldn’t it be great if you can submit too to build one brick at a time?  It is proven that what takes a hurry to grow usually comes crumbling in a hurry too.  The scars make the General, not the braids and medals on his uniform.

Take the first step today even if it is only writing the dream on paper, at least it gives you something to expand on the next time you sit down to dream.

Your destiny will be achieved one brick at a time, and if you will submit to the process, you will definitely make it NeverTheLess.

What do you think?

Enjoy your week.

Sistar B


  1. at the moment one brick at a time seems to take forever, i just pray for patience

  2. Yes I know, it does seem like forever, but the trick is that one brick at a time actually works out the patience that you require for all of life! You will make it sis, NeverTheLess.