Monday, August 22, 2011


 “Give me a lever long enough and strong enough and I can move the earth.”

Hello people, trust your weekend went well. Thanks for all the responses we have received on this page. God bless you immensely.

We are still looking at lessons from ROTH as they relate to living our dreams. Let's look at the word Leverage.  I find that we all usually have different facets of one dream that keeps birthing new branches as long as we continue to work the dream.  Usually the first step in working a dream, even though successful, is not what translates to the fame and fortune and in our case the impact that we crave and desire. 

Every dream has a foundational or launch pad facet. The way to go is to find that which comes easiest to you, costs less (sometimes) and you are able to do excellently well. In our case, Effectual Magazine was the leveraging tool. It was because we were able to churn out edition after edition of great content and layout in the magazine enough to dredge up a followership that ROTH was a success. 

People will be influenced by you and will stop to listen if you have some track record to show what you are able to deliver. 

That Coach Anna came for ROTH was God ordained yes, but if I had nothing to prove my credibility she probably would not have considered coming. And as brilliant as my Coach is, it was her discipline in writing the book Woman Act Now, that acted as leverage for us to connect, which made ROTH 2011 a success!

Every one of us has a dream and we will have to work this dream more behind the scenes in the beginning, but if you will diligently ensure that you continue to push this stage with excellence, it will be the leverage you require to move to the next phase of success.

One of the dictionary definitions of leverage is "the use of credit to enhance one's speculative capacity." Those who came for ROTH either came on the credit bill of Effectual or Woman Act Now, the book.

For your dream to graduate to the stage of making a difference to more people, you will first require the credit or leverage of past success. In other words, show what you have done so we will buy into your dream!

I know you will make it! Begin now because all you will do behind the scenes, where no one sees you, will count for your next phase. Leverage is a great key!

You will make it NeverTheLess; I promise.


Sistar B 

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